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"Literature... cut short by the intrusion of force... is not merely interference with freedom of the press but the sealing up a nation's heart, the excision of its memory."

—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist

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Royalty FAQ

Royalty Payment Times, Amounts, and Details

Cave News

It's Relatively Taboo...

Those who publish erotica, especially stories ‘on the edge' or of ‘taboo' themes know all too well that nearly all press doors are closed to them. With PayPal's new content commerce policies, the payment company now falsely claims to be more intolerant to ‘icky' content than many publishers. Some publishers, during the great PayPal fiasco, stood by their readers and writers to fight and even lead efforts to ensure the freedom of access for erotic fiction. Others did little or nothing. Lot's Cave is one of the few publishers who has your back when your erotica gets banned. Lot's Cave puts few boundaries on what an author may publish. What is banned by policy with most publishers?

Common Abbreviations:

nc = non-consensual/rape

inc = incest

best = bestiality

necr = necrophilia

ped = pedophilia/underage

ws = watersports

bf = bodily functions (watersports + scat)

Notice the "Big 5″  or (B5) consisting of rape/non-con, incest, bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia/underage. If a publisher excludes the Big 5 it very likely excludes bodily functions as well, but won't say so explicitly. Most romance/erotic romance publishers, including Lot's Cave, require happy endings.

Books Sold on Lot’s Cave Website

Lot’s Cave pays authors and publishers a flat 75% retail royalty rate for all sales, excepting book refunds due to credit card chargebacks and any additional associated fees. Books that are offered for sale as part of Lot’s Cave or author promotions will receive a flat 75% retail royalty rate of the adjusted promotional price. For example, if the book is priced at $2.00, the 75% royalty rate will be $1.50. If the price is reduced to $1.00 as part of a promotional sale, the adjusted royalty rate will be $0.75.

The threshold for royalty payment by PayPal is only $2.00 while the threshold for paper checks is $20.00. Any previous balance from the month prior not paid out, is added to the next month until the applicable threshold amount is reached. For residents outside the USA, payment is made via PayPal only – note that some individual exceptions can and do exist.

Royalties are paid monthly. During the first two weeks of the month, you will receive a royalty payment via PayPal. You can set yourself up with PayPal for a direct deposit of your money into your bank account. Alternatively, you can be paid via check mailed to your address if you prefer.

Books Published by Lot’s Cave, but sold by other Booksellers

If you would like Lot's Cave to act as your publisher and represent you to various book stores, then Lot's Cave will distribute your eBooks for sale with Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Sony, Kobo, Apple, Smashwords, Lulu and others – subject to their acceptance of the subject matter. The remuneration from these sources is highly variable, and varies from sale to sale depending on the size of the book order they buyer places and fluctuating credit card processing fees. As such, no fixed royalty rate can be set. Therefore, Lot's Cave will gladly pay you 50% of the net income it receives from each of your eBook sales at these Book Stores. The timing of royalty payments varies greatly depending on the eBook store as well, so Lot’s Cave will pay out to you in the next normal pay period after receipt of your funds.

Sales Reporting

When you publish with Lot’s Cave through our distribution channels, how will you receive reporting data from each distributor that your books are sold on? All books sold on the Lot's  Cave website itself will be reported by an email to you at the time the sale clears credit card processing through an automated reporting system. You will also receive a monthly report with a breakdown for each book sold within the first two weeks of the next month at the same time you receive your monthly royalty payment.

All other sales through distribution channels are reported in the same monthly sales report in the first two weeks of the month following receipt of the money from the distribution channels – again at the time of royalty payment for that channel. For example: Smashwords pays authors and publishers quarterly, always within 40 days of the close of each calendar quarter.  Please note that most Smashwords retailers don't pay Smashwords until 30-45 days after the close of a month, or up to 30 days after the close of a calendar quarter. Nevertheless, within two weeks of the date Lot's Cave receives your money, you will receive your money from Lot's Cave together with a breakdown of all the books you sold on Smashwords for which we have received payment.  Keep in mind that each channel has its own varying and complex reporting methods.

If you are ever in question as to your current status within various distribution channels, feel free to send us an email requesting current status information, or give us a phone call and we will discuss it with you.

Opt In / Opt Out

To opt in you can indicate your publishing wishes on the manuscript upload form when you initially publish your book. Later, by sending an email to you may opt in or out of having Lot’s Cave publish your books at other book stores such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Sony, Kobo, Apple, Smashwords, Lulu and others. You may opt in or out of having your eBook placed with any particular book store, or all stores, by email.

What Subject Matter Does Lot’s Cave Accept?

Lot’s Cave accepts all romance and erotica topics. However, we excel in handling controversial subject matter in general and perform best with the taboo topics of Incest, BDSM, and Bestiality. It is only these three areas that we feature on the front page of the Lot’s Cave website.

Price Guidelines

The price structure for erotica in general is dynamic and shifts with the market over time, but here is what is currently working best for for the incest erotica sub-genre. Anything below 5,000 words is generally not worth publishing as readers will feel cheated by the reduced length, regardless of the quality of your writing. Yes, we will publish a limited number of titles so long as they reach a 4,000 word threshold. We recommend no prices below $2.99, even for titles selling elsewhere at a lower price. Generally:

Of course, these are only suggested prices or recommended pricing practices based on selling incest erotica. Other forms of erotica may not command the prices obtained from this erotica form.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Success at writing seems to be directly correlated to the number of eBooks you write, the frequency you publish, and the price you charge, as well as successful marketing. Lot’s Cave cannot predict the number of sales for any particular book or author, but we can recommend following the above price guidelines.

So far as we are aware, only Lot's Cave, Boruma, and Smashwords are distributors that allow incest. However, other publishing platforms do allow it. Which ones to publish on is a highly complex question with answers that can change at any moment without notice. For example, Barnes and Noble totally allows incest. However, their search results are skewed to dungeon all incest erotica titles. The competitive edge you receive by selecting Lot's Cave as your distributor is that it possesses a specialized knowledge in how best to walk the narrow line through this minefield.

You might consider asking yourself about what kind of results would you like to achieve with Lot's Cave. Are you looking to maximize profits without consideration to the art of writing, or are you mostly concerned with being able to practice the art of writing the way you want while making the most money possible for it? Do you have a publishing plan, or would you like our assistance in helping you develop one?

In any case, one difference you will notice immediately with Lot's Cave is the way we handle end matter if you are open to our modifications. Because we specialize in handling incest in particular, and controversial subject matter in general, many of the "general publishing rules" do not apply in publishing this erotica sub-genre. This is a subject that will make a huge difference in your long term sales objectives.