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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  You've Come To The Wrong Neighborhood, Motherfucker!

Author: Amber FoxxFire

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Amber FoxxFire

Length:  2,200 Word Micro-Short

ISBN:  LC4500051

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3D Ebook Cover - You've Come To The Wrong Neighborhood, Motherfucker! - by Amber FoxxFire

You've Come To The Wrong Neighborhood, Motherfucker!


"Good boy." April grinned at his antics as he waited impatiently for her to throw the ball again.

She pulled back her arm and was about to release it when she heard a twig snap behind her. Quickly, she turned around to see several strange large, menacing dogs right behind her.

Anubis stood stock still, sniffing the air. A low growl sounded in his throat as he stared at the intruders.

What she saw froze her heart. Standing stock still, legs locked, was a large great dane and doberman, both staring at her with hungry eyes. But there was another sound that she couldn't quite place a finger on.

She shook her head, wondering what it was. Then a large pig stepped out of the brush. He looked up at her and a prickle of fear danced along her spine.

A pig in the park? What was he doing following these dogs? Why? Am I seeing things?

The 18 year old woman blinked to make sure she wasn't dreaming. He was such a large hog that she shuddered, wondering how she was going to get out of this. Or if.

Her first instinct was to run. Then she realized that she wouldn't make it 10 feet.

Before she had a second thought, the large great dane approached her and violently shoved his nose in her crotch. His large muzzle eagerly pushed aside her shorts and panties and as he rubbed against her cunt, fire exploded through her body.

What was he doing? She shook as fear raced through her. Rooted to the spot, her legs parted for the sexual predator.

She looked around frantically for her faithful dog and gulped when she realized she was completely alone.

The vicious-looking pack stared at her with a hungry gaze that told her that they were used to getting what they wanted.

And by the actions of their horny leader, what they wanted...was her.



What started out as just a simple walk in the park with her dog, turned into a nightmare when April was confronted by a pack of hungry, sexually-charged dogs. And a pig. Will these vicious animals have their way with poor, helpless April? Read on to find out!

eBook TAGS    bestiality, bestiality erotica, beastiality, beastiality erotica, threesome, creampie, menage, gangbang


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