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Vintage Victorian Incest Erotica

Title:  Young Beginners

Author: Anonymous

Edited: Phaedrus T. Wolfe

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave Edition

Language: English

Length:  3,419 Words

ISBN:  LC1001

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3D Ebook Cover - Young Beginners, by Anonymous

Young Beginners


The two boys had just come home from vacation at a summer camp, and were only interested in experiencing every kind of fun. Our favorite place for play was the hay loft; and our chief amusement rolling down the hay one after the other.

On one occasion my skirt flew up in the descent. I was not wearing panties so when I reached the bottom, my legs were all uncovered. My little slit between them, just newly fringed with pubic hair, was fully exposed to their view.

"Oh, look!" howled Johnny, pointing to it, and throwing himself upon me. "Look what she has here."

"Shame on you," I said, struggling to get up.

"Hold her down," cried Gussy spreading my thighs, and opening my cunt with his fingers.

"What a funny little place, Nelly. Let us all have a good look. Why would you mind? You can see mine if you like. Let's all look at each other and see who has the nicest."

"Oh, yes!" agreed John and Janey, "That will be great fun."

So the two boys pulled out their little pricks, and Janey, holding up her dress and pulling aside her panties, showed us her small hairless cunt.

"Yours is far the nicest," said Gussy to me. "Because yours has hair; we have none yet, but we will sooner or later."

"How do you know?" asked Janey.

"Because I have often seen grown men bathing, and they all had hair around their cocks, as they call them."

"But what of grown women; you've never seen them bathing?"

"No, but I did see our babysitter's once; and she had plenty. One night, about two years ago, she was giving me a warm bath before bedtime. When she was drying me, she began tickling my little cockey.



Fans of classic Victorian erotic novels featuring incest will appreciate ‘Young Beginners' first published anonymously on October of 1879 in an underground erotic magazine called ‘The Pearl.' In an intimate bed setting, Auntie tells her niece every detail surrounding her introduction into sexuality while visiting her cousins on the farm as a young girl. No doubt exists as to the justification for the publisher being imprisoned...

Vintage Victorian Incest - First published anonymously in The Pearl, Volume 4, during 1879

eBook TAGS    Vintage Victorian Incest Erotica: Cousin Incest, Aunt Niece Lesbian Incest, Brother Sister Incest, Vintage Victorian Incest Erotica


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