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Medieval Aunt/Nephew Incest Romance

Title:  Whore Queen

Series:  N/A

Author: Baron LeSade

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Baron LeSade

Language: English

Length:  30,700 Words

ISBN:  9781301443055

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3D Ebook Cover - Whore Queen, by Baron LeSade

Whore Queen


In all of her eighteen years, Abatha had never even seen a man's thing, a man's prick as the king so grossly called it. She didn't know what to expect. She knew nothing of a man's size, but her sister, Queen Labeth had told her that King Gorth's member was large. But what was large, she fearfully wondered? A hand? Two hands? A span? Would it hurt?

Abatha couldn’t stop herself as she stared down at the king's crotch waiting. Waiting for him to expose himself to her. To expose his cock.

Suddenly, the king leaned down, shoving his velvet trousers down his stubby legs as he did. And when he stood back up, there it was. HIS COCK!

"Ohhhhhh…" Abatha gasped, struggling to catch her breath, her eyes widening in shock and amazement.

It looked huge to Abatha! Abatha could feel her heart pounding down inside her chest in trepidation. Fearfully, she tried to imagine what it would be like to be assaulted by his mammoth member while she stared at the gigantic tower of meat jutting up out of the king's hairy groin.

But even as her brain railed against such a travesty, her body regaled in the possibility. Suddenly, she felt warmth begin to spread out from the vestal emptiness down between her shapely legs as she ogled Gorth's kingly cock. Now she would know! Know the feeling she had been wondering about only moments earlier.

Abatha had never seen anything as revolting as the thing flailing about in front of her as the king struggled out of his trousers. The evil, purple head of the thing was as big around as her fist and covered with the glistening goo oozing out of it. The shaft was as big around as her wrist and laced with pulsing, blue blood vessels. And the two testicles hanging down below it in their fleshy pouch looked as big as goose eggs.

"Does it frighten you, my Queen?" Gorth leered, reaching down to it, wrapping his chubby hand around it and slowly stroking it.

"Yes, My Lord…" Abatha whimpered, slowly spreading her legs wide apart to bare her youthful cunt to the king's smirking leer. She was terrified, but she knew that resistance was out of the question. He was king. And he had chosen her as his queen. It was her duty to obey and submit. Her juices were beginning to flow as her pussy prepared itself for the defilement.

"I will be your queen if you wish, My Lord!" Abatha murmured, rolling her hips and thrusting her pelvis up at him, her fingers digging into the bedding as she readied herself for the taking of her virginity.

The bed lurched wildly as King Gorth floundered up on it. Then he reached down and roughly shoved Abatha's long, willowy legs wider apart.

“My virgin Queen," Gorth whispered, trailing his pudgy fingers down across the dew-covered lips of the girl-queen's drooling pussy.

“Yes, My King," Abatha cooed, rolling her hips, thrusting them against the king's fingers.

What would it feel like? Would it hurt? He was so big. And she had never taken a man inside her before. It must be possible because Labeth had done it. Labeth had let the king fuck her and give her a child. So she must be able to do it, Abatha deliriously told herself.

Suddenly, Gorth barged up between her thighs, laughing at her as he pressed his hairy body against hers, his hand intertwining itself down in her long, red hair and yanking her head back to expose the vulnerable softness of her neck. "You will be my Queen," he growled, grabbing hold of his massive weapon and pressing it against the youthful lips of her virgin pussy...



Enthralling medieval saga of incest in the royal court, this is the epic story of a virgin queen whose voluptuous body has never known the touch of a man. When her sister dies in childbirth, she is forced to wed the king. Her duty is to obey and submit to his lustful advances. She has never even seen a man's penis! Resistance is impossible and she soon finds her body regaling in the infinite pleasures of mutual desire. King Galen isn’t called a conqueror for nothing.

eBook TAGS    Medieval Romance, Implied Aunt/Nephew Incest, Taboo Sex, Pseudo-incestuous Anal & Oral Sex, Family Exotica


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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