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Watersports & Golden Showers Erotica

Title:  Wet and Confused

Series:  Wet Games At School No.2

Author: Lolly Pope

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lolly Pope at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  12,426 Words

ISBN:  LC4610002

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3D Ebook Cover - Wet and Confused - Wet Games At School No.2 - by Lolly Pope

Wet and Confused


I was on my knees in a tiny and infect bathroom at a gay club with my co-worker’s pissing cock deep down my throat. Ever since Harry discovered that I liked drinking it, he had stopped using the bathroom all together whenever he was at the school we worked as teachers or whenever I was close by. Like now.  We had been at this club for over three hours and Harry was trashed. He usually enjoyed seeing the stream filling my mouth and watched me trying to swallow when it got full, the piss splashing all over my face and hair. But tonight Harry was so damn wasted that his piss line wavered and I couldn’t get into my mouth more than a few drops before it changed its aim. I didn’t mind getting my clothes wet, even though there were my office clothes, but I did mind losing the drink. Finally I had to take his dick deep down my throat and gurgle the amazing liquid as Harry groaned and sighed with his release. Unfortunately for him, he was too drunk to be able to also come in my mouth. Still, he was semi hard. That’s why his flow didn’t have the usual pressure a limp dick would give and I could gulp it fairly easily. Normally, I avoided drunken men and their golden fluids, but I was a little thirsty and I very much liked beer piss, which Harry had had in abundance. I just couldn’t miss that treat. The piss was transparent and odorless, although since it was pouring into my stomach I couldn’t really smell it, and the taste was pretty much similar to the beer. I wasn’t much of a drinker, four beers and I was a goner, so this was another way to actually have more beer without getting really drunk. That made Harry chuckle every time.

“Yeah! Swallow everything, Bobby! I feel like I haven’t pissed all the damn day! Aaaahhh!”

The fact that I liked the tangy, slightly salty taste of the urine came as weird surprise to me one day when I had tasted my own. I was just a teenager back then, but I kept drinking it. Of course, I didn’t tell anyone. Then a few months ago another I kinda revealed my secret to another teacher and the next thing I know, Harry came barging in my office saying that he had to unload a huge amount of gold and asking if I wanted it. Obviously, after that he couldn’t leave without a blowjob, too.

Not that I minded. The guy was sex on legs. All dark hair, breath-taking blue eyes, which looked amazing even when he was drunk, a body of a god and a cock on the big side that I loved having in my mouth. We hadn’t gotten the chance to fuck yet, but I knew we were getting there. My other co-worker, Nick, who had also been my Master for a while, (or some sort of Master, since he wasn’t actually into BDSM), now had his hands full with his wife and stepdaughter. So, I was on the verge of getting a serious case of blue balls, if I didn’t get some dick up my ass soon to rub me good until I could come.



Harry ended up sleeping in Robert’s bed because he had too much to drink. In the morning, he is taken completely by surprise when he assists at a hot shagging between Robert and his neighbor. And he kinda wants that, too, especially after doing the naughty wet things with Robert himself. Robert thought himself to be gay. That is until he meets Alexis. Now they are both confused and don’t know where exactly they fit on the sexuality scale.

eBook TAGS    Watersports, Drinking Piss Fetish, Golden Showers, Pee in Mouth, Bisexual Sex, Bicurious Confused Gay


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