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True Incest – Family Love Epic – Erotic

Title:  Colleen: Welcome to America

Series:  Generational Family Love Epic 2

Author: Steven Michaels

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  42,603 Words

ISBN:  LC1600047

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3D Ebook Cover - Colleen: Welcome to America - Family Love Epic 2 - by Steven Michaels

Colleen: Welcome to America

Series Note:

Each book, 1 to 11 in this series is a stand alone story and completed by the author. The Complete Collection is available in a single massive ebook here now.


“Colli, Darling—”

“Ma always called me Darlin’. I like it when you call me that. Sorry for speakin’ when I was bein’ spoke to.”

Mary smiled, “You’re a well-mannered lass, Colli, and we’re gonna get along just fine.

“Aye. I think we will, too.”

“I was saying, Colli, that we are a loving family. Do you know what that means?”

“I know what it means with me and Ma and Da and Mikey.”

‘What does it mean?”

“It means the more love and pleasure I give to my family back home, and now you all bein’ my family here, the more I’ll get back. It means I won’t take pleasure, but I’ll give it and accept it when it is given back to me. Is that what you mean by it?”

“I believe we are the same, but let me ask you, Colli, how did you give love to your family? What did you do? What did they do to give it back to you?”

“With Ma, she learned me first, how to rub my cunni like she did hers, and then later she learned me how to lick her cunni and how to open my legs to receive it back from her. I like how her tongue felt on my cunni.”

Mary, feeling her own cunt starting to moisten, and noting the bulge growing in Sean’s pants, said to Seth, “Hand me the throw.” She opened it up, first across Sean’s lap and then across her own. She turned sideways again and asked Colli, “And with your Da?”

“Ma and Da learned me to let Da and Mikey put a finger in my arse to make it bigger so they’s could put their pricks in and squirt.”

“Did you like it? Do you like it?”

“Aye, that I did, with Da and Mikey, and with the captain and Hugh, too. But I like it best when Da or Mikey put their pricks in my cunni ‘cause I could feel their lovin’ me, and most of the time I could feel them squirt. I like that feelin’.”

Seth moved Colli’s hand onto his lap, letting his stiff prick press against it.

Colli pulled her hand out of Seth’s hand and away from his crouch. She looked down at his poking pants and smiled. She reached down and took hold of Seth’s prick through his pants and began stroking it, then returned her gaze to Mary, who was now watching Colli’s hand sliding Seth’s material up and down on his prick. Colli continued, by saying, “I like Da’s prick in me, ’cause it’s bigger than Mikey’s. ’Bout the size of Captain Cavendish’s I think.”

Mary turned a bit more, so she could reach Sean’s prick under the throw and began stroking it exactly how Colli was stroking her son’s prick.

“You liked the captain’s and Hugh’s pricks in your cunt, too.” Sean asked.

“Aye, but Hugh’s more than the captain’s ’cause near the end of the voyage I could feel his love for me too.”

“Did your Ma and Da give you lessons?’ Mary asked.

“Aye, they did. Did your folks give you lessons to, afore you came over?” Colli asked.

“Aye… I mean, yes, they did. What did they teach you? And do you like what you learned?”

“I really like it. I mean I really like it. They learned me to stroke pricks and make ’em squirt, too. But all the learnin’ wasn’t just how to make a prick squirt. I think they learned me more about how to receive lovin’ from a man or a woman or a dog. Do you have a dog? Our dog is named Irish, and I like his prick in my cunni ’cause it’s kinda hot. You know what I mean, Aunt Mary?

“Yes, Darlin’, I know exactly what you mean. We all do. Did you share your love with your family often?”

“With somebody just about every night, I’d say. Sometimes everybody at once. I mean it mighta been me and Ma while it was Mikey and Da, or Da and me and Ma and Mikey, all on the big bed. I tried really hard to give love to my family and in return they gave me so much love back, there was times my muscles pulled tight and I shook all over from the sheer pleasure of their lovin’ me.”

“That’s a powerful lot of lovin’,” Sean hollered over his shoulder.

“I promised Ma, I’d give you the same amount of lovin, and after meetin’ you and all, I really want to give you and Uncle Sean my love. You too, Seth, even though you weren’t very nice to the man I’ll marry someday.” She said smiling while she kept stroking the cloth on his prick.

Steven Michaels entire ‘Colleen’ series of Generational Family Love:

       1: The Voyage                      2: Welcome To America            3: The Marriage  

      4: The Children                    5: The Youngsters                       6: The Teens

      7: The Roaring Years           8: The Challenging Years           9: The Anxious Years

    10: The War Years               11: The Fulfilling Years

Get the Complete 11 Volume ‘Family Love’ Epic in One eBook:

The Complete Collection - Available Now!  

eBook TAGS    Family incest, Aunt-niece incest, Uncle-niece incest, Cousin incest, Lesbian incest, Father-son incest, Homosexual incest, Mother-son incest


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Colleen "Colli" Kelly, an Irish Lass who often felt the intense and illegal pleasure of her mother, father and brother between her legs is now in America. She shares the same love with her Aunt Mary, her Uncle Sean, the police captain, and her Cousin Seth, who saved her from being gang-raped. Also meet Sister Brenda, the sex-starved nun who spread her legs for Colli. Grow with Colli; experience her passion; her love; her family sharing its love. Will this taboo passion lead to her embracing even more intense sex in the hope of attaining that special family bond?

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