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Non-Consent Rape Erotica

Title:  Weekend Gone Wrong

Series:  N/A

Author: Angel Scott

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  86,709 Words

ISBN:  LC3500033

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3D Ebook Cover - Weekend Gone Wrong - Weekend Gone Wrong No.1 - by Angel Scott

Weekend Gone Wrong


Elizabeth looked around the room and wondered where Eric could be since he wasn’t next to her. Elizabeth got up from the bed and walked out of the room and heard screaming. So, Elizabeth walked over closer and found the screaming in the spare bedroom. She opened the door and watched as Eric fucked the shit out of Claire. Elizabeth felt jealous now as she watched.

Within seconds, Elizabeth felt even worse now about seeing Eric enjoy another woman, and for some odd reason, she walked over to the bed and climbed up. She reached for Eric’s face and then made him look at her.

“I thought you loved me? And only me Eric. Why are you fucking her?” Elizabeth asked boldly. She couldn’t believe she just asked that.

“Elizabeth!” Eric said in shock. He stopped moving his hips and started to push Claire off him now. “I do love you, Elizabeth! But you don’t feel that way and we’re not dating, so I’m not technically doing anything wrong. Plus, you belong with someone else. All because you’re married. Isn’t that what you keep telling me?”

Before Elizabeth could respond, Claire yelled out. “You were sleeping, bitch. So, your boyfriend wanted more fun. You fucked my boyfriend, so it’s my turn.” Claire said before Eric could say another word.

Claire hurried over and put her hand on the cock and moved her hand up and down the hard shaft.

“Claire, stop it.” Eric scolded.

“No! She fucked my boyfriend! My turn to fuck hers!” Claire said loudly as she pushed Eric down onto the bed and climbed up on top.

Elizabeth felt pissed off now and felt herself become stronger as she pushed hard at Claire. “Get the fuck off my boyfriend! He loves me not you!”

With that statement, Elizabeth hurried on top of Eric and put her pussy on top of the cock and then pushed her hips down onto the hard shaft. She felt a little uncomfortable, but she didn’t want to show it so she squealed out in delight. She moved slowly in and out. In and out. Up and down.

Claire didn’t like this one bit, so she rushed off and into the other bedroom and grabbed the small whip and hurried back into the spare room again. She bounced back onto the bed, causing Elizabeth to bounce harder onto Eric’s cock, causing her to scream in pleasure and pain at the same time. After the scream, Claire pushed Elizabeth down a little bit and then spanked her ass with the whip.

“How do you like that bitch!”

Elizabeth just screamed and then felt a light touch after that from the other side of the whip. That caused goosebumps and pleasure to rise into her body and she bounced up and down faster on top of Eric’s cock.

“Answer me, Liz! Do you like that?” Claire spanked Liz again with the whip.“Fuck yes, Claire! Spank me! Punish me for pushing you!” Elizabeth screamed out as she felt another spank and then a soft hand on her ass. After that, she felt Claire insert her finger into her ass and move the finger in and out now.

“Fuck yes!” Elizabeth said as she continued to bounce up and down on the hard cock. Her juices started flowing...



Chad and Elizabeth met up to do a book signing, but end up kidnapped instead! The dirty men want videos done and also kidnap more people. Will everyone get out of there alive? One of the men falls for Elizabeth and takes her on dates. He also gives her some extra kinky fun and hopes to get to her to fall in love with him. Can he get it done in time or will she leave him behind forever?

eBook TAGS    Rape, Violence, Non-Consent BDSM, Swinging, Threesomes, Girl and Girl, Oral Sex, Humiliating Public Sex


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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