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BDSM Domination & Submission Erotica

Title:  Undercover Submissive

Series:  N/A

Author: Crimson Rose

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Crimson Rose at Lot's Cave

Language: English

Length:  14,880 Words

ISBN:  LC3200010

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Undercover Submissive


“I think I have someone perfect for the program, Sir. She’s beautiful, fit and best of all has naturally large breasts.”

“Good work thirty-seven-oh-five. Begin with Alpha Protocol and see how far you’re able to push her. And don’t forget to tag her for retrieval if she makes it to Delta or higher.”

“Yes Sir. It will be a while, Sir. I sent her to pussy licking one-oh-one due to very poor skills, but I’ll begin her assessment as soon as she leaves.”

“Don’t wait. We need more product if we’re going to meet quota. Get in there with her and begin your assessment.”

“As you command.” Cindy hung up the phone, took a deep breath and walked back into the club with a huge smile on her face. Going straight to the room she dropped Heidi off at, she opened the door and stepped in.

“May we help you Mistress?” Ginger asked.

“I’m here to play with the slut as you train her. Don’t worry, she’s here until you’ve all had at least one orgasm from her tongue.”

“That might be a while,” scoffed Amy – the cute blonde Heide was currently licking. “This bitch has a long way to go before I’d even call her an amateur. Ahgh!” THWACK! Her right hand swatted Heidi upside the head. “I said nibble my clit, not bite it off! Jesus Christ you’re about useless!”

“I’m sorry,” Heidi pouted. “I’ve never done this before.”

“That’s obvious. Now, gently flick your tongue over my clit and push two fingers into me.

“Perhaps I should give her some incentive to get better,” Cindy grinned wickedly. Walking over to the left wall, she grabbed a leather belt and folded it in half. “If you’re going to please your future owner you must learn to pleasure a woman in every way. Failure demands punishment.

WHACK! The belt landed hard across Heidi’s ass – the folded tip biting painfully into her right hip.

“Aahhgghhh! Fucking fuck that hurt!”

“It wouldn’t be punishment if it felt good now would it?”

“N-No Mistress.”

“Another thing a good submissive should learn is to take her punishment with dignity and grace. Keep licking and fingering her pussy. For every time you cry out in pain I’ll add another twenty swats.”

“H-How many are you g-going to give me, Mistress?”

“As many as it takes. Now lick!”


Despite the warning, Heidi could not help but yelp as the belt set her ass on fire. She cried out again on the third, fourth and fifth adding another sixty swats to however many she was going to get to start with. Knowing all she had to do was use the safe word to end the suffering, she also knew that would most likely ruin her chances of catching the kidnapper’s eye. And so, after taking a few deep breaths and steeling her mind, she went back to licking and fingering Amy’s pussy.



Going undercover in search of a sex trafficking ring, Agent Heidi Morgan finds herself going from one fetish club to another looking for any and all clues that might lead her in the right direction. Entering Club Exotique – the fifth in as many days, Agent Morgan runs into a Dominant woman named Cindy and falls under her charms – doing unspeakable things to garner favor.

eBook TAGS    bdsm, domination, submission, mind control, lesbian, fisting, body modification, gang bang


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Relative Taboo

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