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Sitting down in the common room with the other girls as they watched a popular Korean telenovela on the TV, Jasmin was overcome with despair. In the morning, she would take what few belongings she had and go the airport and return to Cebu. Her wild endeavors at the disco-bar and the passionate love-affair with Andy had only deferred the inevitable from happening, at the costly expense of her virginal innocence. She had become momentarily absorbed in the story of the telenovela, when she heard a loud knocking on the front door. One of the girls cautiously opened the door, leaving the safety chain secured on the door. Two other girls stood vigilantly behind the first, in the event of some unforeseen danger. Then to Jasmin’s disbelief, she heard a surprisingly familiar voice at the door.

“I’m looking for Jasmin. Is she here?” the voice said politely. Filled with an exhilarating rush of excitement, Jasmin sprang up from her and sprinted towards the entrance, pushing the other girls out of the way, and throwing open the door. In the doorway, standing tall handsome with his broad shoulders, his golden blonde hair, and his warm smile and enchanting blue eyes, stood her dearly beloved Andy.

“Oh my God, it’s you. It’s really you.” Jasmin cried with tears of joy and disbelief as she rushed forward and embraced her foreign lover. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve miss you too,” Andy replied warmly, holding her close and kissing her on the head. “I’m here now. And I’m so happy to see you.” Following a minute of embracing, Jasmin welcomed her handsome foreigner into the house, the other girls plainly stunned by his presence with Jasmin, who was so simple and unassuming compared to themselves.

“It’s the foreigner in Jasmin’s pictures,” one of the girls discerned with surprise. “Gago, he’s so handsome,” she whispered to one of her girlfriends.

“Why don’t you tell me you’re coming,” Jasmin asked in a flustered voice.

“I wanted to surprise you!” Andy replied ecstatically. “I got an assigment last month from the publisher who bought my articles from Moalboal and Boracay. I’m doing a series of six articles over the next nine months. They gave me a list of fifteen destinations, and I’m supposed to investigate them and submit articles on at least six of them. And I’m also going to write a six-part adventure serial for a teen magazine. So I’m going to be here in the islands for a while.”

“Fuck, I can’t believe,” Jasmin said gushing with joy.

“And since you’re such an able photographer,” he began, pulling the folded pages of a diving magazine from his blazer pocket, displaying an image of him in Boracay which Jasmin had quite excellently captured. “I want to bring you along with me, if you’re up for it.” She wrapped her hands around him with exuberant enthusiasm.

“Of course, of course,” Jasmin exclaimed happily at Andy’s incredible offer. “Segi, come upstairs with me,” Jasmin said as she pulled on his arm and led him through the crowd of gawking girls that had gathered curiously around the foreign visitor. She led him upstairs to the privacy of her little room, closing the door carelessly so it remained ajar. “Did you just arrive?” she asked him.

“Yes, an hour ago. I just came from the Heritage on EDSA,” he replied, taking a seat on the edge of Jasmin’s bed as she stood in front of him. With a sly grin, she took hold of Andy’s hand and had him pull off her shirt, then loosened her pants so they fell to the floor in a pool at her feet, revealing her white cotton panties. Without hesitation, Andy slid two of his fingers between her thighs and caressing her affectionately. As he stroked her intimately, she felt a gush of moisture fall against her panties. But she didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed by it. She only grew more aroused.

eBook TAGS    New Adult Romance, Secret Island Customs, Philippines Erotic Wife, Erotic Narrative, Sugar Daddy, Filipina Marriage, Interracial Romance, Philippine Travelogue, Barely Legal Sex, XXX Bar, Sexual Discovery, Intimate Romantic Memories, Passionate Desire

Erotic Narrative YA Romance Novel

Title:  Ultimate Consummation

Series:  Jasmin's Tingle No.9

Author: Marshall Gibson

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  9,300 Words

ISBN:  LC5100014

Available as an eBook in these standard reading formats:

PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Ultimate Consummation - Jasmin’s Tingle No.9 - by Marshall Gibson

Ultimate Consummation



With her older lover gone, Jasmin must try and make it on her own. Try as she might, Jasmin cannot forget Andy’s intimate memory. Unable to cool the passionate desires between them, Jasmin and Andy are soon reunited. This time, Andy doesn’t want to leave Jasmin in the Philippines. What secret island customs will Andy discover when he visits Jasmin’s family?


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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