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Brother Sister Incest Romance Novels

Title:  Tristin & Georgina

Series:  Loving Siblings No.5

Author: C. Shields

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  C. Shields

Language: English

Length:  54,787 Words

ISBN:  9781311731913

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3D Ebook Cover - Tristin & Georgina - Loving Siblings No.5 - by C. Shields

Tristin & Georgina


She felt flirty and sexual at the moment, and she didn’t hide it from him. The song began to play and she spun on her heels and danced her way to him, their gazes locking before his broke to roam freely down her lithe body.

She watched as he enjoyed her dance as his hand began to move in his boxers but he never took himself out. She moved between his widespread knees and moved in a sensual slither for him as she lifted her hair and closed her eyes, letting the music and her rising lust take her away.

Then, without missing a beat, she opened her eyes and she knew he could see that they’d gotten darker, just as his were. As she locked his gaze to her, she began to strip for him, not missing a beat as she peeled her clothes off for him—something she didn’t have to do, but what she discovered she wanted to do.

She unhooked the strip holding her bikini top with the pink translucent veil of her baby doll, and her breasts sprang free. The music was softer than they played it in the main hall, so she could hear his low groan when he saw her breasts for the first time.

She slowly smiled as she pulled him under her spell. “I don’t have a pole here for you and I don’t want to shortchange you, so I’ll strip for you instead,” she whispered in a sultry voice before she cupped her breasts that overflowed the palms of her hands before she let her head fall back as she stretched her back to its limit.

She suddenly whirled around and presented her ass to him, swaying her smooth round butt-cheeks closely to his face. And as she danced, she slipped thumbs under her G-string and slipped it down her legs…never missing a single beat. Then she bent forward so he could catch a brief glimpse of the smooth pouty lips...



Georgina, a beautiful young woman, becomes an exotic dancer to make quick money so she can leave South Carolina and take her mother away from her mother's abusive live-in boyfriend. Then one night, as she dances for dollars, she meets a sexy and mysterious man with megabucks who claims to be her half-brother - but only after they enjoyed some one-on-one, no-touch sex. She rebuffs further sexual advances on his part until her savings is stolen, forcing her to turn to him for help. But will the price he demands for his help ultimately be too high emotionally for her to get what she wants?

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Sibling Romance, Taboo Sex, Contemporary Forbidden Novel, Erotic Romance


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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