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Mother Son Incest & Romance Novels

Title:  Tricked or Treated

Series:  N/A

Author: M.F. Paul

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  11,463 Words

ISBN:  9781311470454

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3D Ebook Cover - Tricked or Treated, by M.F. Paul

Tricked or Treated


“Okay, honey, your turn.” he said to Mom while nodding toward me.  The camera guy got into position.  “And now for our feature entertainment,” he said, more loudly than was necessary, a theatrical tone in his voice.  He smiled at Mom and said, “Show time, honey.”  Quickly he checked the others.  They were a step behind him, standing, watching, waiting.  The camera was focused and ready.  “This is gonna be good.  Let’s see if we can do this in one take.”

Mom glanced at him, then, with short, deliberate steps she moved closer, standing with her feet on each side of my waist and sank down until her knees were on the carpet, her pussy just above my cock. She leaned forward until her hands were caressing my face, then lowered herself, bending her head down, her breasts brushing my chest as she did, and whispered in my ear with the same intimate tone she had used before.  “Hang on, Scott.  Try not to think.  Just you and me.  We’ll get through this.  Think about your girlfriend.”

“No, Mom,” I whispered back. “You...just you...”

“Let’s see you feel her tits, sonny. Get her ready.”

Mom moved her head up, but I couldn’t read her expression.  Maybe amazement at what I had said, or surprise, maybe desire, I couldn’t tell, but I saw a rush of color in her cheeks.  “I’m ready now,” Mom said, looking at me directly.

She brought my hands up slowly to her breasts, and I heard an intake of her breath as my fingers closed around them, then she felt back for my cock.  She took the tip between her thumb and forefinger and lowered herself until it was just at her opening, then let herself down.  I felt myself sliding into her hot, wet channel and was astonished at how tightly it held me.

“Wow,” Sugar said.

Mom raised herself, then lowered herself slowly, then up again and down again. My hands were on the full softness of her breasts.  I was kneading them and rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, feeling her fluids leaking out of her pussy down my shaft as she slid up and down on my hot pole.  I sensed that she did not want to give them the satisfaction of seeing how much pleasure she was feeling and was trying to act as if she was doing this strictly because she had to but that disappeared as her passion began to rise and take over her body.  She was leaning over me, her hands on my shoulders and then, sort of accelerating, she began moving more rapidly and I was moving with her, our eyes locked on each other, my focus completely with her, lifting my hips up as hers came down, going faster and faster, rubbing her pussy with its swollen clit against my front, up and down, faster and faster until she pulled her head back and then with a long, low groan collapsed against me, her head on my shoulder, her lips kissing my neck, her pussy still rubbing up and down on my front, my cock still inside her, still hard.

“Oh my god, Scottie,” she whispered in my ear.  Her arms were around my neck and she pulled herself closer, stretching her legs out, her face at my neck, my arms around her back, stroking her.  The guy with the camera was fixed on us, the camera lingering, then moving up and down her body like a caress.



A knock at the door on Halloween brings more than kids to a suburban family. At gunpoint, their home is sacked and when valuables don’t turn up, the mom and son become the entertainment for the robbers who force them to perform depraved sex acts on each other. At what is first too awful to conceive, the helpless victims find themselves transformed by the experience.

eBook TAGS    Mom Son Incest, Mother Son Sex, Halloween Erotica, Forced Dubious Consent, Depraved Robbers & Victims, Family Exotica


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