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Uncle Niece & Dad Daughter Incest  Erotica

Title:  Trapped with My Uncle

Series:  N/A

Author: Christina Ward

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  7,945 Words

ISBN:  LC1450018

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Trapped with My Uncle


Uncle Brent got a grip on two sides of Laura’s dress and pulled wide, ripping it apart and watching her body get slowly revealed from behind the parting curtain of her clothes. All in one moment, Laura’s vagina glistened before his eyes, filling his focus as her modest pubic hair was exposed in succession. Her belly button showed itself to him, wiggling with worry and resistance, bending side to side like a fish. Above the girl’s belly-button, her breasts revealed themselves. The dress continued to tear. Her nipples showed, but they were quickly covered by her hands. Brent frowned, wishing she had not done that.

“No point in covering up, Laura.”

With one final yank, Laura’s hem was split in two. The dress was useless and spoiled now, and Brent threw it next to his niece’s high-heels. She laid back, completely still and shocked at her own nakedness. Brent grinned.

“See, Laura?” he asked. “That wasn’t so bad. It ain’t my fault yer naked, really. Yer the one who ain’t got any underwear on.” Brent loomed over her, crawling above the girl’s nude, petite body and looked deeply into her eyes, face to face. “But tell ya what, Laura…” he began proposing.

“What, Uncle Brent? What do you want?”

“I’ll take the blame for this one part.”

Then, with a ferocious whip of his hand, he reached down to his belt. He unbuckled it with one claw as he held Laura with the other.

“No, Uncle Brent! You’re a pervert! What would my father think?”

“He’d think yer a slut, Little Laura!” he answered, loosening his belt through the circle of loops and finally pulling it away, tossing it aside. He unzipped his pants and reached beneath his white underwear, fishing his enormous penis out of it and plopping the length against Laura’s thigh. “But that’s okay, Sweetie,” he said, suddenly calmer. “I think it’s good to be a slut. I ain’t no Quaker like yer daddy.”

Laura could not believe what she was feeling. His extremely stiff member bounced against her tender and pale thigh. Uncle Brent was holding it at the base and intently whacking it against her skin, trying to feel her softness with only the spongy tip of his erection.

“Ya like that, Laura?” he asked.

“No, Uncle. I’ll never like this. Please stop.”

“Oh, you’ll like it, Sweetie.” he whispered into her ear. Then he plunged his entire cock into her body, parting Laura’s pussy lips with villainous force.  “You’ll like it like the cock sleeve y’are!”

“Oh God, no!” she screeched. The screech came from low in her throat, plugged and muffled by her own desire to stay hidden from the world. She didn’t want anyone to hear. She didn’t want her Daddy to hear!

Her Uncle thrusted and groaned as his wide and forceful dick expanded a place Laura held as sacred. His penis grew as he moved it back and forth, rocking into her and beginning to stab deeper, in line with its growing length.



Laura has always been known as the purest little princess in the family. But ever since she developed a womanly figure and shapely curves, her uncle’s thoughts have been anything but pure. Will her uncle be lewd enough to have his way with her body? What will her daddy think? Will he rescue her, like he always does? Or will he disown her as a tainted whore? Find out in: Trapped with My Uncle!

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Sex, Uncle Niece Incest, Non-Consent BDSM, Domination & Forced Sex, Rape, Humiliation


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