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Mother Son & Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  Training Mom

Series:  N/A

Author: R. Richard

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  14,835 Words

ISBN:  LC1000176

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Training Mom


We all sit down and Mom lectures me, “Dave, you got thrown into juvenile prison at 15-years old. Your father had a heart attack, not too long afterward, and died. Your father had no insurance. That left your sister and me with very little cash, a house payment and a need for some income. I got a job as a waitress, down at the Truck Stop. I make a little over minimum wage, if I include the tips. Your sister dropped out of school at 16-years-old and she also went to work as a waitress, down at the Truck Stop, earning pretty much minimum wage. Your sister and I barely scrape by financially. We have a bedroom we can rent you and I have a plan to get us all out of this mess.”

I tell Mom, “I'd like to hear the plan and also to find out what's happened the last three years.”

Mom sighs, “Your father died. As I said he had no life insurance and he left your sister and me with bills to pay. I went to work at the Truck Stop, for minimum wage. Your sister and I got some Social Security survivor benefit money. That ran out, when your sister turned 18-years old. We make just about enough to pay the mortgage and keep the lights on. We work as waitresses, down at the Truck Stop. They fry up a big batch of doughnuts each morning. We snag a few doughnuts during our shift and that lets us survive, calorie wise. However, we got fat on our doughnut diets. With what we make and your wages, we can get back to eating decent food again and slim back down. If we slim back down and get back into training, your sister and I can each catch a worthwhile husband. We can also get you a better job.”

I think for a moment and then say, “With three of us working, even at near minimum wage, we should be able to make the mortgage payment that you and Sis now struggle with. We should then maybe have enough left over to eat right. If we eat right and you two exercise, you should be able to slim down. A couple of slim ladies might well be able to each snag a worthwhile husband. How does that help me?”

Mom lectures, “Your sister dropped out of high school. She then studied nights and passed the GED exam, so she's officially a high school graduate. She and I have been taking classes at the local junior college and I now have an Associates Degree in Food Management. Sis is getting close to an Associates in Business. The Manager down at the Truck Stop restaurant is about to retire. When he retires, your Mom can snag that job, if she's slim and has her pussy working. Sis can get a job at the telephone company district office, if she's slim and has her pussy working. If I run the Truck Stop restaurant, I can see that you get promoted, if you're on-time, dependable and working hard.”



Dave gets out of juvenile prison. He then moves back in with his mother and sister. The three of them are each making just about minimum wage. Mom has a plan. With Dav's money added in, Mom and Sis can eat better food and get slim, then snag a husband. Mom and Sis have no money for fancy clthes, so they need sex training, to snag a husband. Dave is to be the trainer.

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Brother Sister Sex, strip, success, crime


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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