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BDSM Bestiality Watersports Erotica

Title:  Training Mom

Series:  Book No.2 of 2

Author: Frank Zenau

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Frank Zenau at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  26,162 Words

ISBN:  LC4500009

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Training Mom


The men didnít hesitate to drop their drawers and the girls inspected their stiff cocks and finally agreeing that all twelve were than adequate.

The men still didnít know what was going even when the girls lay down on the floor on their side. Finally I picked four men to lie next to them and facing them. I selected for men to get behind them and four men to lie down with their cocks facing their mouth.

Itís amazing what the female body can do and within seconds the girls had a cock in their mouth, a cock in their pussy and another cock in their ass. All Jefferson and could do was keep ejaculating in our pants while watching all that writhing naked flesh. The contrast of four white women taking on three black men with more than adequate cocks was surreal and made my cock even harder.

I was watching Lisbeth take her manís cock down her throat while her ass and pussy was being ravaged simultaneously. With no particular rhythm it was clumsy at first and several times a cock would slide out her ass or even her pussy, but after a while they all fell into unison and with their rhythm under control watching a cock slide in her pussy while at the same time one was thrusting deep in her ass was making me even hornier.

The girls with their mouths full of black hungry cock could barely make any sounds and what sounds they produced were only gurgling sounds when coming up for air and then savagely having a cock thrust down their throat. It was obvious that the men were desperately putting on their best demonstration of cocks-man-ship.

After several minutes I could tell from the way Lisbeth was attacking the cock in her mouth she already had one climax and on her way to another. All I could see was the sweat covering her body like fine misty dew on the mornings grass as the men continued to pound her pussy, ass and mouth.



In this erotic continuation, a handsome young man struggles to keep two adventurous women satisfied. When his mother and best friendís stepmother demand more immoral pleasure, Adam knows he needs helpóand lots of it. Now, their nightly entertainment is about outright degradation. Will these two kinky women be able to handle the exotic and humiliating pleasure this dominate son has in mind?

eBook TAGS    Bestiality, Woman Dog Sex, Golden Showers, Pee Swallowing Watersports, BDSM Bondage & Discipline, Group Sex, Degradation & Humiliation


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