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Contemporary Menage Erotica &  Novels

Title:  Tom & Janet

Series:  N/A

Author: E.R.O. Scott

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  16,942 Words

ISBN:  9781310496929

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3D Ebook Cover - Tom & Janet - by E.R.O. Scott

Tom & Janet


Janet woke up with the first crash of thunder. She had an irrational fear of lightning and thunderstorms. When she was three she had wandered away from the backyard were she'd been told to stay while her mother went to the hen house to pick out a chicken for dinner. Of course, being a curious three-year-old, Janet had wandered off. There had been a thunderstorm to the west, sweeping in quickly and just as quickly, when the wind started blowing and the rain started pouring out of the sky, Janet was lost. The lightening flashed and two or three strikes were close and the thunder was terrifying.

Janet had the sheet pulled over her head but could still see the flash of light as another lightning bolt flashed out of the sky, to be followed less than five seconds later by a loud crash of thunder. Her parents were in Hawaii, a vacation her mother had dreamed about for years and had saved for so she and her husband could go on it.

Janet's brother was in the bedroom across the hall. Thunderstorms never bothered him. Quite often he would sleep through them when they came at night like this one. Another flash of lightening and Janet moaned. Another big crash of thunder and Janet gave out a little yelp, her body trembling. Without thinking, Janet was out of bed and across the hall entering her younger brother's bedroom. At eighteen and just graduated from high school, he was five feet, eleven inches tall and 175 pounds of lean muscle, and sound asleep, as she expected. How he could sleep through a thunderstorm she could never understand.

Janet, wearing only a short, light night gown and panties, slipped under the sheet covering her brother and cuddled up close to him. He was laying on his right side. She laid her right arm down between their bodies and that's when she realized Tom wasn't wearing anything. Her right hand reached down to where she should have felt the top of his underwear, had he been wearing them. He was naked in bed. Even though she was still frightened by the storm, the fact that her brother was naked in bed intrigued Janet. She and Tom had played “doctor” as small children, as many children do. Janet, of course, being the oldest, got to be the doctor. They had explored each other's body and the curious differences they found. Actually, they continued exploring, including not a little touching, until Janet started growing her breasts at which time she became shy and would no longer play that game with Tom.

The lightening flash again and the thunder was booming almost immediately. The storm was right overhead. Janet shivered and placed her left arm around to the front of her brother’s body and pulled herself tight up against him.

“Tom! Tom!” she whispered. Not wanting wake him up but wanting him to be awake and to put his arms around her and hold her tight as her mother and father had done on many a stormy night after her terrifying experience when she had been three.

Then Janet gasped. Her hand had—inadvertently, or intentionally, she wasn't sure—slipped further down her brother's body than she intended. It came into contact with his hard, erect penis. As a nursing student at NIU she had learned that men, especially young men, quite often had nocturnal erections, sometimes even nocturnal ejaculations. Janet wasn't a prude and even though she didn't have a steady boyfriend, she had had sex a few times so she wasn't totally inexperienced with a man's genital anatomy, up close and personal, besides what she was learning at the university.

Still, and in spite of her fear of the thunderstorm, she was curious. This was her brother, but he was still asleep, even with all the flashing and crashing outside, and even with her now smack up tight against his back. Janet almost giggled at what she was about to do as she wrapped her fingers around her brother hard cock and began to stroke it lightly. This was like playing “doctor” when they were younger when she had touched and pulled on his small boy's penis. But, of course, this was no longer a small boy's penis, it was a man's full-sized penis that was fully erect.

A shiver of excitement flowed through Janet's body. This was so wrong, yet, she wondered, really how much more wrong was it than when they were little kids exploring each other's body?

Janet ran her fingertips up and down...



Tom is a man haunted by his forbidden love for his sister Janet. Separated by ten years and two tours in Iraq, Tom determines to seduce his lovingly devoted sister. Now married, Janet soon finds herself involved in a passionate incestuous sibling love affair. With odds against them, can Tom convince Janet to marry him and live happily ever after continuing their romantic sibling relationship?

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Romantic Sibling Sex, Forbidden Family Love, Secret Incestuous Affair, Westermarck GSA Effect, Lovingly Devoted Passion


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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