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Brother Sister Incest Rape Erotica

Title:  Tied Up With Sis

Series:  N/A

Author:  Robert Vickers

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  34,391 Words

ISBN:  LC1200116

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Tied Up With Sis


Her tits were hammering with her forbidden desires. They were like balloons overfilled with air. They threatened to pop at any instant. And then he ripped the adhesive tape off her nipples.

The arrow of pain shot deep into her chest. The waves of pain from her tortured tits and her aching shoulders pressed downward in a dull tide. It threatened to swamp her young body. But the pleasure building in her cunt was more than enough to offset it.

Somehow, the man fucking her had achieved just, the right balance of torment. The dull aching pain was erased by the wellings of joy from her well-fucked pussy. She didn't understand it. It only made her more confused than she had been.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Why? Goldilocks, you've got the most fuckable little manhole I ever found. You're hangin' on tight all around my pussy pleaser. I like that. I like that a bunch. And now I'm gonna bang the hell out of you. You're gonna know that cunt of yours has been fucked by a real man!”

He kept his promise. He started her swinging in a long arc. Each time their crotches met, it was like a car slamming into a wall. He penetrated her cunt deeper and deeper as the force of their fucking increased.

She took the full pressure on her arms. They were aching horribly, but she couldn't think of anything but her pussy. It was burning—burning with desire!

She hated herself for it. But her body was telling her to enjoy, to enjoy this rape!

She abandoned herself totally to him. She pulled him closer with her strong legs. She locked her ankles behind his waist to keep him from backing away.

If she was going to be raped, then by damn she was going to enjoy it the best she could!

“Go on, you son of a bitch, fuck me good! Fuck me damn good!”



Melinda finds herself and her brother held captive by two depraved gym teachers. She not only meets her captors' sexual demands but, to her horror, finds herself responding to them. This is a shocking story of a sister's reaction under stress. Yet who are we to judge her response? Melinda is forced to indulge in acts with her brother, not only forbidden by society, but taboo by her own moral code. Making decisions in a vacuum without benefit of experience for guidance, will the end result be very negative or a positive experience?

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Sex, Forced Incest, Sibling Rape, BDSM Non-Consent, Taboo Bondage, Forbidden XXX Erotica, 1970's Pulp Fiction


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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