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Family Incest Erotica

Title:  Therapy: Howards Story 1

Series:  Volume No.1

Author: Allison Heather

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Allison Heather

Language: English

Length:  8,670 Words

ISBN:  LC1600062

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3D Ebook Cover - Therapy: Howards Story 1 - Volume No.1 - by Allison Heather

Therapy: Howards Story 1


Grandpa hissed, “Jenny, you are behaving like a city bred self obsessed yuppie who has forgotten how to be a person true to her own nature.”

Grandpa pulled my hand and soon he had me across his massive thighs. My embarrassment was matched with my anticipation of excitement waiting for me.

I did not hear or anticipate the first slap. I screamed in genuine pain filled surprise. Grandpa’s massive hand landed with his full strength again on my bottom. My heavy soft ass flesh quivered under Grandpa’s onslaught. SMACK, SMACK, grandpa’s hand delivered viciously painful slaps one after another. I first screamed and shrieked until grandpa hissed, “Jenny, learn to take your punishment like a good graceful woman. I will not stop until you behave gracefully.”

I bit on my lip, my ass seemed on fire and each stinging smack hurt more than the first one. I felt my cunt juices running free. I was squirming tying to catch grandpa’s thighs to rub against my aching clitoris. I hung my head low. My tears were running over my forehead. I sniffled loudly to prevent my nose from running.

I lost count the number of times grandpa spanked my bottom mercilessly. I was crying and felt all too familiar fire burning inside my pussy. My moans turned huskier.

Grandpa tore the waistband of my panties. He pulled the torn fabric and threw it away. He slapped my completely bare ass ten more times.

Grandpa suddenly spread my thighs and his two thick fingers found my wet cunt opening and he pushed them in roughly. I shrieked at the sudden surprise of invasion of my aching cunt. Grandpa’s thumb rubbed my clitoris. Grandpa other hand was squeezing massaging my painful ass cheeks. The pain from that heightened my pleasure.

I moaned loudly. I was so close to cumming like I had done almost nine years ago. Grandpa rubbed my sensitive anus with his index finger, taking me closer to what I knew would be mind-blowing climax. Grandpa with no warning pushed his dry finger in my anus in one thrust up to its knuckle making me buck like a mare trying to throw the rider off her back. I came screaming. Grandpa pinched my clitoris and his finger in my anus hurt. My long wail continued as the sharp pain in my belly dulled to an ache and then became sharp deep inside my cunt, around my clitoris and then exploded in million shards of needles.



Jennifer Howard is top flying young corporate executive following her successful mother's footsteps. Her endless attempts to seek ordinary pleasure from sexual alliances eludes her. She does remember a day in her teens that led to unbridled explosive expression of satisfaction that she craves to experience once again. Interspecies sex and consensual BDSM. Sex among family members.

eBook TAGS    Grandfather Granddaughter Sex, Mother Daughter Incest, Uncle Niece Lovers, BDSM, Lesbianism, Bestiality


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Relative Taboo

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