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Brother Sister Incest Romance Novels

Title:  The Storm

Series:  Close for Comfort No.1

Author: Tristan Sparrow

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  21,091 Words

ISBN:  9781311864987

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3D Ebook Cover - The Storm - Close for Comfort No.1 - by Tristan Sparrow

The Storm


I then found myself studying those painted birds again more closely. Somehow my eyes were drawn to two particular sparrows—the only pair out of a host of birds, the rest each flying separately, painted by my talented sister. They were high up, well over six feet from the floor. Tracy must have stood upon something in order to get them up there. I walked over to them and peered more closely. These two birds, clearly mates, were so close together that they appeared to be kissing. A cute and clever anthropomorphism, but it worked. And in their bills, they both held a small banner, such as appears over some Catholic altars or, in heraldry, upon family coats of arms.

What did it say? I squinted in the soft light of Tracy’s candles.

“Omnia vincit amor; et nos cedamus amori!”

Ah, I thought. ‘Love conquers all; let us all yield to love.’ Virgil. My God, she’s brilliant.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

How extra-ordinary. But why would she paint this? What could possibly be the significance of this banner and the two sparrows, joined together in this sweet embrace?

And then—how could I have missed it?—I beheld a clue. Two smaller banners, much less obvious, were also near the birds. Beside of each was a single Latin word upon a scrolling banner. I looked at one.


And then the other.


My God, I thought. Now I see.

“They’re lovebirds.”

But one very important thing I’d failed to see was Tracy standing in the doorway, and her words somehow startled me, removing me from something like a reverie. She stood with one of my old T-shirts in her hands, watching me closely as I studied her multiple miniature paintings, especially the two affectionate birds.

I pretended not to get her meaning.

“Lovebirds? Funny, they look nothing like African parrots.”

Tracy chuckled as I stroked my chin in mock contemplation.

“I’m no ornithologist, Sis, but I’d say these were sparrows.”

She crossed slowly over to where I stood.

“Well, of course they are, you big dummy,” she said, quietly teasing me as she wrapped an arm round my waist. “These little birds, flying to the four corners of the earth, represent our family members.”

“And these two here—”

“Represent us: you and me, big brother.”

Incongruously perhaps, with regard to the weather, Tracy had changed into a white tank-top (a shade too small, I thought) and shorts. She had removed her brassiere, and the tightness of the tiny tank-top accentuated her gorgeous curves most distractingly. The furnace had been running again for mere minutes, and it was still chilly here on the downstairs level. But was it the chill or something more that made my baby sister’s nipples stand at attention? They were hard as rocks, I noticed, as I felt her right breast pushing into my stomach as she leaned against me.

Feeling suddenly overwhelmed, my head and heart spinning with desires I dared not express, I sat down slowly upon her bed. The mattress was firm and comfortable, and the bed itself was a lovely thing, looking almost mediaeval in its ornate style. Finely wrought carvings of laughing cherubim adorned the top of the canopy, and I could well imagine Lord Byron himself sleeping in such a bed. Tracy sat down beside me, offering me the T-shirt—yet another one left over from my K-State days, its purple a bit faded now. I turned, twisting sideways slightly as I fumbled with the shirt, trying to turn it right-side out, and she suddenly embraced me, grabbing me from behind, rubbing both hands up and down the length of my chest. It was a lover’s gesture, not a sisterly one, but I did not protest. The feeling was electric, exciting like ice rubbed across my skin (a thing my Melanie and I had once joyously done). And now my own nipples stood erect (as did something else), as I thrilled to the touch of my own little sister’s hands, her smooth palms and gentle fingertips caressing my musculature.

I could now hear sleet striking the roof. It formed a strange, percussive rhythm somehow and sounded oddly soothing—lulling and hypnotic.

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Tristan always looks after his brainy little sister, Tracy. Indeed, one fateful day, he rescues her, saving her from drowning. They've always been close, but circumstances conspire to bring them closer. A winter storm provides a romantic backdrop for steamy confessions and passionate lovemaking. Tracy shows Tris she's the one for him. And with a hot body like hers, it's an easy choice to make!

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eBook TAGS     Brother Sister Incest, Sibling Sex, Passion & Confession, Family Romance Erotica

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