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Father Daughter Incest & Romance Novels

Title:  The Reverend's Daughter

Series:  N/A

Author: Houston Cei

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher: Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  20,131 Words

ISBN:  9781310984525

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3D Ebook Cover - The Reverend's Daughter, by Houston Cei

The Reverend's Daughter


There was one particular night years ago that I can remember as if it were yesterday. It was during the middle of the week, Alicia went to bed early, Roxanne was fast asleep and I was ready to retire to the bedroom for what I thought would be a typical night’s sleep. When I opened the door, there I saw my beautiful wife lying on our double bed in red satin underwear with a garter belt holding her black stockings. Her long raven hair was shinny and her blue eyes sparkled as she flashed me a seductive smile as she was also displaying her breast cleavage. She looked like a Penthouse model sporting her beautiful legs with those shapely thighs and calves that were accented by the black stockings and garter belt.

What’s this? I thought, she hasn’t presented herself to me like this for a long time. Her breast cleavage and sexy legs excited me, and yes, my noble reader; pastors get horny just like any other guy. I cleared my mind of our problems as I knew she wanted to make love and I wanted to be the one this time even though I knew there had been so many others before me.

“I’ve been waiting patiently for hours, my dear,” Alicia said, “I hope you like what you see.”

I was very surprised to hear her talk so sweetly to me after all our quarrels and harsh language of late, but I was also thrilled because I thought that this meant that our relationship was making a turn for the better. As I approached the bedside all I could say was, “You’re as beautiful as the day we were married.” I know it must have sounded trite but I was so overwhelmed by her beauty and anxious to make love that I did not know what else to say.

I started undressed letting my clothes fall to the floor. She smiled at my standing penis, and as it was very close to her face she enclosed it with her soft hand and stroked it slowly and gently. She continued to stoke as she took the head of it into her warm, wet mouth, and it felt delightful as I stoked her hair. She then put her other hand on one of my buttocks and put her fingers into my anus and then she engulfed the entire penis with her mouth. I could sense that she was enjoying giving me head as much as I was enjoying getting it especially knowing that my pubic hairs were touching her beautiful lips. Although it was delightful to feel her sucking and stroking my penis, I was now ready to go inside her. It had been several months since our last sexual contact so needless to say I was more than ready. As I reached to remove her panties she lifted her buttocks and off they went. Her feminine scent that I had not smelled in so long was enticing and as I gazed at her bush she spread her beautiful legs to invite my penis inside her.

“It’s so nice to have you back fucking me again, Honey,” she said softly, “It’s been so long and I’ve missed your cock… even though I’ve had so many others.”

Although her words were crude and the reference to “others” was not in good taste I accepted it mind because I felt that I now had my wife back, the wife I’ve known and loved for eight years. Before entering her, I bent down to kiss her bush, and I guess this was my way of showing “no hard feelings.”



Reverend Jim’s daughter Roxanne has a shocking revelation for dad. The sexy beauty seems to have a lot of spending money—it can’t be from waitressing! When he accidentally discovers her image on the cover of a porn DVD, he learns the source of her income and is invited to watch the shooting of her next porn film. He can’t help being excited at her performance leading to some heavenly experiences.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Adult Movie Star Actress, Pentecostal Church Preacher Dad, Porn Video, Baptist Reverend,  Anal & Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Sloppy Facials, Menage a Trois


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