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Family Romance & Incest Novels

Title:  The Great House: A Pharaoh's Plight

Series:  N/A

Author: Peacely Ruckman

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  41,563 Words

ISBN:  9781311422729

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3D Ebook Cover - The Great House: A Pharaoh's Plight, by Peacely Ruckman

The Great House: A Pharaoh's Plight

eBook Synopsis

Edzonsol, the Stout King, rules the Great House of the Naqada. He is seventh son and thirteenth child of the Chieftain of Abydos, a necropolis of southern villages near the river's headwater.

Edzonsol has achieved every worldly desire. He has won battles, made alliances, squelched civil disobedience, and brought rule and order to his luscious piece of land. Now that he has forged an empire, his primary concerns are penetration, his state of heirs and an ill-fated decision of the past.

"A Pharaoh's Plight" enters the erotic world of harem chambers, sexual rites, filthy eunuch and family rivalry – for as Edzonsol's youthful Consort senses her favor slipping, their House is placed in turmoil. A mother's passion to rule and a daughter's love for her Father can only end in one way: Death.

Long before the Pyramids when the region was green and lush, nomads from East Africa, the Sinai and Red Sea descended on the river valley. They struggled through centuries of cultural clashes, political dissension and tribal wars while fucking and dying along her fertile shores.

Those settlements that survived were led by potent families brimming with royal intrigue, deceit, passion and lust. For this was a time when penetration and incestuous relationships were an integral part in the rise and fall of Kingdoms.

The elites who excelled through marriage union, sex and deception became Great Houses, producing a new institution, which served to legitimize the fledgling Pharaohs' rule over the land, resources and labor of the surging Nile.


King Edzonsol's first selections include a special maiden, a virgin from near the back row. The harem stirs with speculation as he departs for his meal. Those not implicated in the preparation, lounge on plush cushions in an open archway and scrutinize the three chosen maidens, their tender maidens and their wetting ladies too.

"Sezsia, I am scared," Gaiza's voice trembles.

Gaiza has been selected early, as she is only in the second Season of her passage. Usually a virgin maiden must wait at least a full year prior to being penetrated by the great King. Some linger unsullied well into their second. And a few leave their rite of passage as wretched virgins after the maximum nine Seasons.

Three years of long dejected nights. Sezsia fears this fate more than any other. She smiles encouragingly at her cousin. "Are you ready?"

Gaiza perches on the edge of the preparation bench, takes a breath and nods with uncertainty.

Sezsia slips the cobbled hood over Gaiza's head. She pulls the calfskin down over her face and fastens it tightly around her mouth. Gaiza is effectively blind and as her chosen tender, Sezsia will now be her eyes for the best part of the evening.

Gaiza begins to whimper as two tenders lay her back on fresh cotton sheets.

"Relax, cousin." Sezsia soothes. She drains a crocked pot of warm goat's milk across Gaiza's taut belly down to the soft flesh of her inner thigh. "You must not tense up."

Sezsia places a sturdy hand over Gaiza's heart and stares at the calfskin that masks all of her face but for her precious mouth.

Sezsia finds the hood unsettling and dreads to think what her cousin must fear. Sezsia must remain strong however, for she is Gaiza's only light.

"Faith is my safekeeping." Gaiza prays.

Sezsia runs her fingertips across Gaiza's belly and lubricates her with the warm milk. She gently slides a finger inside her cousin and begins to leisurely fondle her.

Gaiza relaxes into the familiar touch. Her legs drop open and she begins to work her hips.

"That is right, cousin." Sezsia calmly plies. "Nice and easy, nice and loose."

"Are you not nervous too, Sezsia?" Gaiza puffs. "You will be right up close."

"Not as close as you." Sezsia squeezes Gaiza's tender flesh.

The girls laugh out loud.



A mother's passion to rule and a daughter's illicit love for her Father can only end one way: in death. As the Kings wife senses her favor slipping, their Great House is placed in turmoil. Enter the erotic world of ancient Egyptian harem chambers, sexual rites, filthy eunuchs and family rivalry–when penetration and incestuous relationships formed an integral part in the rise and fall of Kingdoms.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Mother Son Sex, Brother Sister Sibling Incest, Historic Erotica, Egyptian Royal Incest Families, Taboo Sex with Daddy, Family Exotica


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