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Mother Son Incest Romance & Erotica

Title:  The Cheerleader Squad

Series:  N/A

Author: Baron LeSade

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Baron LeSade

Language: English

Length:  87,200 Words

ISBN:  9781301368013

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The Cheerleader Squad


Josh stood looking out the little basement window at the five girls jumping and prancing around in his backyard.

The cheerleader practice was an every Saturday morning event and Josh enjoyed it to the fullest. As usual, his wife, Lorna was off at one of her charity events and his son, Marty was over at his friend, Mack’s doing whatever it was that they did every Saturday morning.

It was a voyeur’s dream, Josh thought to himself, watching out through the window as the girls frolicked around. Then he saw one of the girls, Amy, he thought it was, run and twist up into a cartwheel. There was nothing unusual about that, but at the top of her upside down handstand, her short, pleated skirt flipped down and Josh saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties!

What the fuck, he asked himself? Why was she running around in his backyard without any panties? Didn’t she know that everybody could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties? Why would she do that? Just then, he saw his eighteen-year-old daughter, Kathy start to make a run to do a cartwheel too. Staring intently, he watched her drop her hands to the ground, push up off them and twist up into the air.

Oh, my, God, he groaned to himself when at the top of her turn, her short cheerleader skirt flipped down to reveal her beautiful, bare butt and pussy. What in the hell, he dizzily thought? Then as he stood watching in a bewildered muddle, each girl repeated the maneuver and flashed their panty-free pussies.

Then he watched as the girls stopped prancing around and lined up with their backs to him. As they did, each of the girls spread their legs apart almost as if they were about to do a split. As they stood in a straight line, legs spread, tennies touching, they all spread their arms out. Fingertips touching, they slowly leaned forward and then dropped their arms down to their sides. Then suddenly, before he knew what was happening, the first girl in line flipped up her short, little cheerleader skirt baring her cute, little butt and pussy. Stunned, Josh stared on as the next girl in line flipped up her skirt. Then the next one, and the next one and finally Kathy’s little skirt flipped up to expose her beautiful bare butt and pussy. Gawking at the row of pussies, Josh saw that three of the girl’s pussies were fringed with hair of various shades and colors while Kathy’s and one other girl were bald, apparently shaven clean. He couldn’t believe that it was really happening. Then, all at once, as a group, the girls stood back up and dropped their skirts down to cover their butts. Then the gaggle of giggling girls went running across the backyard to the gate.

All of them but Kathy poured through the gate and into the car sitting by the gate. Then the car was gone and Kathy stood by the gate waving. After a few moments, she pushed the gate closed and glanced down at the little basement window where Josh stood staring out.

Still in a state of shock, Josh didn’t know what to do. Should he confront his daughter and find out what that had been about? Should he just let it slide and chalk it up as a girlish prank? He didn’t know what to do...



Not his sweet, little Kathy! He suddenly realized he sported a raging hard on. Well, why not? Five pretty little girls prancing around in his backyard without panties. He continued to gawk, catching glimpses of the girl’s panty-free pussies, watching their young tits wiggle and jiggle under cute cheerleader tops. But he sickly found his eyes drawn to his daughter, Kathy’s bosom. Her breasts were definitely the most striking, jutting out proudly as she frolicked around. Was she doing it to taunt him?

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Sexy Virgin Cheerleaders, Brother Sister Sex, Mother Son Incest, No Panties, Daughter Seduction, Family Erotica


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