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Brother Sister Incest Romance Novels

Title:  The Birds

Series:  Close for Comfort No.0

Author: Tristan Sparrow

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  12,217 Words

ISBN:  9781311448910

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3D Ebook Cover -

The Birds


And she suddenly ripped apart the upper portion of my sister’s costume, exposing her enormous breasts to my eyes once again. The fabric lay shredded beneath Cassidy’s big tits, and the Thrasher now ran her gloved hands across my sister’s nipples.

“Mmm,” the villainess purred. “Very nice!”

“No!” my helpless sister shouted. “No! Don’t do that! Ooooh!”

Then the Thrasher pinched both of Cassidy’s nipples simultaneously. Suddenly enormous streams of warm milk shot out of my sister’s breasts, curving in a two-foot arc. As if pouring from a sexy water fountain, one stream of the milk landed directly in the mouth of the girl beside my sister, while the other struck her own prominent cleavage.

And then both the Thrasher and her accomplice moved down. Both their mouths were suddenly at my sister’s nipples, and they sucked greedily, causing Cassidy to moan in ecstasy.

“I’d also like to know,” the Thrasher said, pausing dramatically, “what’s under—here!”

She snapped her fingers, directing her attention at her young henchwoman, and the girl grabbed Cassidy’s costume at the crotch. With one pull, she ripped open the spandex again, exposing my sister’s smooth, clean-shaven pussy. The girl then began rubbing Cassidy’s labia, laughing lightly all the while, and with my superhero vision, I could see that my sister was already more than wet.

“Nooo,” she moaned, “no! Don’t! No! Stop that! Ahhhh!”

“And now you, young man,” the Thrasher said, once again snapping her fingers, this time directed at the girl beside me.

The girl grabbed my crotch and ripped away the spandex. My perpetually hard, throbbing member jerked out, striking my lower abdomen. The girl removed her gloves and produced a water pistol from a holster at her side. She aimed the toy at my crotch, and several streams of warm oil coated my cock in seconds. The girl then grabbed my cock and began stroking it skilfully.

“Ah!” I cried. “No! Oooh, you villainous viper. No! Don’t do that!”

The oil, I deduced, must have been some sort of cocoanut-based edible lubricant, for the girl suddenly leaned down and began fellating me most deliciously.

And I soon found myself conflicted, my resistance weakening.

“Noooo,” I moaned. “Oh, no! Oh, yessssss. No—don’t! Don’t touch me. Ohhh!”

I looked toward Cassidy. The gloveless, gorgeous girl beside her was now furiously masturbating my sister. Cassidy writhed in mingled revulsion and humiliation, mixed with an undeniable and obvious pleasure. The girl was now moving a finger or two in and out of my sister’s naked pussy (one of her beautiful body’s loveliest features, its smooth hairlessness conspiring to give her a years-younger appearance).

Then I saw the Thrasher press a button on the wall. And suddenly, I realised I was moving. The conveyor belt was slowly propelling me toward Cassidy.

Oh, no.

“Oh, yes, Christy!” the Thrasher shouted, giddy with glee. “Look at you now! Helpless!”

How does she know my nickname? I wondered.

But there was no time for wonder. I was moving inexorably toward my sister, my involuntarily throbbing cock aimed squarely at her pussy.

“No!” I cried out. “You can’t!”

“You wouldn’t!” Cassidy screamed.

“Oh, wouldn’t I?” the Thrasher taunted.

Closer. And closer. My cock pulsated. Cassidy’s pussy quivered. There was a look of terror in her eyes, combined with what I was sure was also not a little lust.

The chair brought me at last to the very entrance of my sister’s womb. Now I could feel her labial moisture against my glans. Our eyes met. Her lips parted.



It was happening.

“Ah. Ah-unh,” she moaned. “Oh, Christy! You’re gonna—you’re gonna—Ahhhhh-aaaahhh! Christeeee!”

And I was inside her. My sister’s hymen was no more. The chair now moved back and forth, as I slid involuntarily in and out of Cassidy’s steaming, now-bloodied pussy.

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Zap! Pow! Fuck! Holy hooters, Batman! The Caped Crusaders' adventures were never like this, and fighting crime was never so sexy! Thanks to their chemist mom's secret formula, Chris and Cassidy Wren become the Blue Jay and the Chickadee - endowed with superpowers, respectively including big muscles and big breasts. But when they cross paths with a seeming supervillainess, can they survive the peril they're placed in? Tune in and find out! Same bird time, same bird channel!

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