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True Incest – Family Love Epic – Erotic

Title:  Colleen: The Youngsters

Series:  Generational Family Love Epic 5

Author: Steven Michaels

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  41,762 Words

ISBN:  LC1600050

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3D Ebook Cover - Colleen: The Youngsters - Family Love Epic 5 - by Steven Michaels

Colleen: The Youngsters

Series Note:

Each book, 1 to 11 in this series is a stand alone story and completed by the author. The Complete Collection is available in a single massive ebook here now.


As John was getting out of the way, Eddie said, “Gwen, ya know how we’ve seen Da or Uncle Seth or any of the men guide another’s prick into Ma?”

“Uh huh,” Gwen answered, letting go of Eddie’s prick.

Eddie positioned himself behind Mary, saying, “Gwen, guide me prick into Mary’s cunt.”

Gwen, kneeling perpendicular to Mary and Eddie, took hold of his prick with her thumb and forefinger and began pulling it toward Mary’s waiting cunt. When his prickhead entered Mary, Gwen let go of his prick and pushed hard on his ass, forcing his prick as far into Mary as it would go. Once in his sister, Eddie began a slow rocking of his hips, emulating all the men he’d seen sharing their love with his Ma, with his Grandma Grace and her sister Mary, and with the nun, Sister Brenda, and with the orphaned teenager who lives with them, Emily Conroy, too. Mary’s cunt felt different to his prick than his Ma’s always felt. It wasn’t as wet and it squeezed his prick tighter than his Ma’s did . . . more like Emily’s cunt did.

Eddie, while keeping up his steady rhythm and looking at April sucking on one of his mother’s teats and Mary sucking on the other, asked, “Ma, did Uncle Mikey suck on your teats and put his prick in ya before he died in the pig war?”

“Your Uncle Mikey, my brother . . . may he be restin’ in peace . . . died about ten years ago in what was called the Boer War, over in South Africa.”

“Did pigs really kill Uncle Mikey?” four year old Perrywinkle – Perry – asked with enthusiastic glee.

“Not pigs, Perry. They were called Boers . . . it’s spelled different than the boar pigs is spelled,” Colli taught.

“Did he suck on ya and put his prick in ya?” Eddie asked again.

“Aye, son, that he did . . . many, many times; I loved me brother very much, and I still do. I was older than you are now the first time I let him put his prick in me, and he was nearly half again as old as you. We were by a stream on a beautiful sunny day. He was huntin’ for stones in the water and I laid on a towel and took me clothes off, pointing me cunni right at him. He came out of the water and shed his clothes real fast. His prick was hard and stickin’ straight out at me. I spread me legs and he pushed his prick into me cunni. He pumped up and down a few times and squirted his birthin’ juices. I could feel him squirt . . . it was grand!”

Mary stopped sucking on Colli’s nipple and asked, “Did he squirt like Da does?”

“Aye, he did that day and every time since.”

“I like how your milk flows into me mouth real easy when I suck on ya, Ma. When I suck on Da nothin’ happens then all of a sudden he gushes his milk into me mouth. I like your way a doin’ it better.”

“Da doesn’t gush milk, Mary. He gushes birthin’ juices that makes babies. It’s nature’s way. Da’s white squirt makes babies and my white squirt feeds ‘em.”

“I wish I could squirt into Mary right now,” Eddie offered.

“I don’t,” Gwen said. “I don’t want ya to squirt into Mary, Eddie, cause I wanna be the first one ya squirt into. I love ya.”

“I love ya, too, Gwen. But right now I’m in our sister, Mary, and I wish I could squirt when me hystericals come on me.”

Hystericals is what the medical profession took to calling a woman’s climax, believing that she was merely becoming hysterical and it would pass. For lack of a better way to express themselves when they climaxed, or were getting close to climaxing, the non-squirting boys took to saying that their “hystericals were coming on” while the men usually said they were getting close to squirting their birthing juices.

“When ya get older you’ll be a squirtin’ plenty,” Colli offered with a smile. She was thankful that no one asked the obvious question a child might ask, that is, “Did Da’s squirtin’ in ya make us?” There was so much love freely flowing within the family that Colli never really knew who fathered her children, except for Alice. She knew for certain that Alice was sired by her Cousin Seth before he had departed for the Philippines in the army.

Steven Michaels entire ‘Colleen’ series of Generational Family Love:

       1: The Voyage                      2: Welcome To America            3: The Marriage  

      4: The Children                    5: The Youngsters                       6: The Teens

      7: The Roaring Years           8: The Challenging Years           9: The Anxious Years

    10: The War Years               11: The Fulfilling Years

Get the Complete 11 Volume ‘Family Love’ Epic in One eBook:

The Complete Collection - Available Now!  

eBook TAGS    Family incest, mother-son incest, Father-daughter incest, Aunt-nephew incest, brother-brother incest, sister-sister incest, brother-sister incest


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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Colli Murphy’s nine children are experiencing their first forays into adulthood. The girls are experiencing their “monthlies” and the boys are amazed by their own “birthing juices.” All often enjoy the intense pleasure of their relatives. The family’s free-flowing love helps offset the fears of another war, and Colli’s cousin, Lt. Col. Seth O’Brien, USA, – a two-time recipient of America’s Medal of Honor – believes this one will devastate Europe.

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