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True Incest – Family Love Epic – Erotic

Title:  Colleen: The War Years

Series:  Generational Family Love Epic 10

Author: Steven Michaels

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  41,952 Words

ISBN:  LC1600055

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3D Ebook Cover - Colleen: The War Years - Family Love Epic 10 - by Steven Michaels

Colleen: The War Years

Series Note:

Each book, 1 to 11 in this series is a stand alone story and completed by the author. The Complete Collection is available in a single massive ebook here now.


Phil stood mesmerized by the sight of Colli’s finger sliding along Cat’s cunt, enhanced by the feeling of pure pleasure he was experiencing from rubbing his prick.

“I wish I could squirt my juices right now,” Phil blurted out, his hand eagerly pumping his hard rod.

“In time you will, Philip. But right now, if you keep doing what you’re doing your hystericals will come upon you. You won’t squirt, but all your muscles and nerves will act like you did. It’s a wonderful feeling. Don’t be afraid of it. Just let it happen.”

“Can my hister—”

“Hystericals, Cat.

“Can I feel mine?” Cat asked.

“I think so. Just watch what Philip is doing and at the same time let yourself feel what I am doing.”

The door opened and Cat’s mother, Katie, entered, saying, “You’ve been in here so long, Mom, I... Oh, I see... A party.”

“Mommy,” Cat began, “Grandma is helping us feel our hister... helping us to feel good.”

Colli took a quick look over her shoulder and saw that Katie was wearing white shorts. “Why don’t you give them some encouragement?” Colli asked. “We’ll be finished here much quicker if you do.”

Phil and Cat both watched as Katie undid her belt... undid her top button... unzipped the fly, spreading open the front of the shorts, exposing her red cunt hair. She hooked a thumb into each side of her shorts and slid them down her legs. She stepped out of them. Katie then spread her legs and started sliding a finger down into her valley, which, to her amazement, was getting quite damp.

The children watched Katie’s hand massage the top end of her cunt and her clit.

She started breathing heavy as she rubbed her clit. “I should have come in sooner, Mom,” she uttered just above a whisper.

Cat pulled Colli’s hand away from her cunt and began rubbing her clit the way her mother was rubbing her own. “Grandma,” Cat urged, “Lick Mommy’s cunt. Let me see you licking her, like she licks me.”

“Yes, Grandma,” Phil chimed in, still stroking his prick. “Like Mommy and her friend, Aunt Martha, do.”

Philip’s mother, Colli’s daughter Gwen, and Martha Collins had become lovers out in California. Martha’s husband was a motion picture producer who favored western pictures and he often put Gwen’s husband, Jeff, in his pictures. They would be gone on location shooting anywhere from a few days to a week or more. Martha has a little boy named Kenny, who is Philip’s age. The women had first gyrated together because of their children, but then had become lovers. Both husbands were aware of the situation and actually approved of it. They had reasoned that they would prefer their wives to be fucking each other rather than strange men... even if they were actors. Gwen loved the touch of a woman as much as a man, perhaps even more so... While in nursing school, she and her nursing-student-friend, Cecelia “Cici” Morgan, had also become lovers.

Colli turned sideways to the tub. Katie faced her mother and put one leg into the tub’s warm water. Colli leaned in and took a swipe of Katie’s cunt with her tongue. Katie shuddered. Colli began to lick her daughter’s cunt in earnest. Long, slow, light strokes followed by quicker short ones near and around Katie’s clit.

“Can you two see, all right?” Katie asked.

In unison, they said, “Uh huh.”

“Good,” Katie replied. She then grabbed the back of her mother’s head and jammed her mother’s mouth hard against her cunt, as was the long standing practice of all of the women in Colli’s family. Katie began rocking her cunt hard against Colli’s mouth, her teeth, her tongue. Cat was massaging her little clit as furiously as Phil was stroking his prick, their eyes glued to Colli licking the cunt of her daughter.

“My hystericals are coming on me now, children,” Katie gushed before screaming out her pleasure, which, also, was the wonderful habit of all of the women in Colli’s family.

The hystericals came upon Cat and Philip at about the same time.

Steven Michaels entire ‘Colleen’ series of Generational Family Love:

       1: The Voyage                      2: Welcome To America            3: The Marriage  

      4: The Children                    5: The Youngsters                       6: The Teens

      7: The Roaring Years           8: The Challenging Years           9: The Anxious Years

    10: The War Years               11: The Fulfilling Years

Get the Complete 11 Volume ‘Family Love’ Epic in One eBook:

The Complete Collection - Available Now!  

eBook TAGS    Mother-daughter incest, Grandmother incest, Mother-son incest, Victory Girls, Incest sex, Grandfather incest, Cousin incest, Masturbation


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The Murphy’s fought the war as hard as any. Some of the men were in the military. The women, however, were Victory Girls. All of the women believed that the best way to keep a soldier, sailor or Marine’s morale up before he went off to war was to let him spend a few hours in the arms of a naked woman who cared about him; who wanted to feel him deep within her body. Emily, and Colli’s grandkids kept up the morale of the Victory Girls' husbands.

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