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Brother/Brother Incest Erotica

Title:  The Twin's Bond

Series:  N/A

Author: Hayden L. Crow

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Hayden L. Crow at Lot's Cave

Language: English

Length:  33,956 Words

ISBN:  LC1300011

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3D Ebook Cover - The Twin's Bond - by Hayden L. Crow

The Twin's Bond


Before I could even say something Colin was crashing his lips against mine. He wasn’t like Thomas at all; he was wild and feral, his kisses more like hungry bites that left my lips swollen and my cock hard. Colin tasted my tongue and bit my bottom lip like a beast in heat while his hands quickly went for my cock. And Thomas’s constant reminders of how we had fucked before only made Colin wilder, more rough and dominant over me.

“Get in bed, little brother…” Colin growled with lust against my lips as we were both panting for air.

I obeyed, lying on my back in my own bed, above the blankets. Thomas, who was already naked as well, leaned over me and granted me some more of his passionate kisses. After being kissed by Colin, the differences between the two twins were turning obviously huge.

While Thomas was kissing and fondling my chest, I looked with the corner of my eye how Colin brought the rope to the bed. Violently he grabbed the hand on which I was caressing Thomas’s back and pulled it to my bedpost. He proceeded to tie both of my wrists to each side of the frame as Thomas kept circling his tongue around mine. Then Thomas broke the kiss to remove my boots and tie both of my ankles to the bedpost as well.

“That’s a terrible knot…he will cut loose…” Colin mocked as he had finished restraining my hands.

“Shut up…You could never escape my knots before…”  Thomas winked at his twin, and then he crawled up in bed to kiss him.

What a sight it was; those two boys, each one a perfect reflection of the other, their naked bodies tightly pressed together as they kissed with their cocks hard. My own member was rising painfully at that visual as I was tied up, spread-eagled on my own bed.

But they let go of each other eventually before Thomas leaned over my body once more and kissed me.

“Bran…if you ever want us to stop just say it, alright?” He whispered at me while Colin had gone to look something between his clothes.

“I love you, brother…” was all I could mumble between kisses.

“I love you too…” Thomas smiled against my mouth before Colin returned to bed. He had his knife in hand.

“Why is he still dressed?” Colin interrupted our kiss and started to run his knife upon my chest slowly. Thomas pulled back from me and sat on the bed by my side.

“Be careful…”

“I know what I’m doing…” Colin ignored him; with skilled hands he guided the knife through my collarbone as I was holding my breath. “I just want to see how pretty our little brother is…”

By saying that, he guided the knife gently down, cutting the laces of my shirt. Colin held the knife with his teeth as he used his hands to rip off my shirt. The loud sound of the fabric tearing apart was followed by a moan from me while I bucked my hips up unconsciously against Colin.

“Oh, he likes that!” Colin stated pleased. Thomas had begun to unlace my breeches in the meantime, but Colin shifted in bed and pulled Thomas’s hands away with a groan. He wanted to do it himself. With the help of his knife he cut the laces of my breeches as I didn’t dare to breathe, then he violently ripped the rest of them until I was completely nude.

“Look how fucking beautiful our little brother is…” Thomas whispered as he was lying on my left side, fondling my chest and abdomen with his warm hands.

“He is perfect…” Colin was lying on my right side, playing with his knife above my skin ever so lightly. His blade found my erect nipples and started to circle around them carefully. I hissed with pleasure before Thomas shut me up with his tongue. But Colin kept teasing me with his knife, the cold and pointy blade against my burning skin felt incredible. Then Thomas went down to kiss and sucked my other nipple hungrily and I whimpered out loud.

I loved the feeling of being so completely submitted to my two brothers’ will, being so shamelessly explored by their mouths and hands while restrained and helpless.



Since his mother got married with a noble, Brandon has gained two half-brothers. The caring Thomas, and the rough Colin. This story includes: A young man having his first time with his half-brother; twins having rough sex while a boy is spying; a young man teaching his younger half-brother how to masturbate; threesomes involving bondage, knife play, spanking, dirty talk and snowballing; and three brothers loving each other despite social boundaries.

eBook TAGS    Brother Brother Incest, Gay Twin Brothers, medieval fantasy erotica, gay incest, gay stepbrother, gay threesome, Sci-Fi Fantasy


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