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Dark & Non-Consent Erotica

Title:  The Taming of Jenesa

Series:  Wicked Tales No.1

Author: J. Michael Storm

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  J. Michael Storm at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  81,597 Words

ISBN:  LC3500014

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3D Ebook Cover - The Taming of Jenesa - Wicked Tales No.1 - by J. Michael Storm

The Taming of Jenesa


It was still grunting and crunching with the transformation when she felt the first poke against her opening. Even before it was inside her she could feel the pulsing stream of slick cum shooting against her, splattering on her ass, legs and pussy.

She hated this thing, hated all of them and if she ever got out of here she would use her influence to expose their existence and wipe them out. She would kill this particular motherfucker personally.

It blasted past her snug opening and into her fully in one wicked thrust. She bit her lower lip clean through stifling a scream. She could not stifle the scream when ten claws raked heavily down her back. They dug into her muscular shoulders and held her in place as the thing behind her took her with animal fury. She could feel the surge of his cum as it was shot into her repeatedly, hear it sloshing and splattering as this creature of myth banged his heavy sex organ rapid fire into her aching mortal hole.

The assault had lasted nearly half an hour. The ground under her was saturated with several gallons of hot, gluey semen. It flopped out in great gouts from her abused opening. Her back, shoulders and ass burned with bloody raw claw rips. Her forehead rested on the ground, her breathing heavy and labored. She could smell the stink of her own heavy dirty sweat and sexual fluids, for despite the ruthlessness of the attack, she had orgasmed many times.

Despite herself she was disappointed. Her sex and the fluids it produced had always had a clean, inviting aroma, nearly all of her lovers had commented on it. She was certain it was not her but the reek of the evil creature that had just finished invading her. The beast hovered behind her despite having removed himself from her body several minutes ago.

She wondered if it knew she had gotten off. She had done her best to mask the climaxes however, some had been exquisitely intense and had been nearly impossible to cover. What would the damn thing think if it knew?

What the fuck was it doing back there? What was it waiting for? Ten spike-like claws grasped her ass suddenly and firmly. She nearly lost her breath with the scream. The claws pulled open the snug hole of her ass and she had only fractions of a second to prepare for the onslaught.



Even before they were married Bobby and Keri were aggressive predators. With a fondness for virgins, they forced themselves on those they wanted. Now someone is stalking them, penetrating into their highly protected sanctuaries and giving them a graphic taste of what itís like to be the vulnerable rape victim, what itís like to have hard core deviants hunting you, tracking you to satisfy their darkest, wickedest and most unspeakable desires!

eBook TAGS    rape, forced sex, deviant sex, virgin, wicked, graphic sex, dark sex, predator


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