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Family Romance & Incest Novels

Title:  The Spells of Danica

Series:  N/A

Author: Houston Cei

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  20,313 Words

ISBN:  9781311808646

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3D Ebook Cover - The Spells of Danica - by Houston Cei

The Spells of Danica


Danica lives in a rural area of the San Joaqin Valley in California where her Gothic style Victorian house sits on a one acre lot flanked by agricultural fields.  Her house is so unique that it is almost a tourist attraction and is rumored to be the residence of a witch with magical powers.  Most of the locals did not belie these rumors but they made way for interesting conversation.  Those who wanted to believe in the powers of Danica desperately came to her with their emotional problems that were ruining their love lives.

The Spells of Danica is a trilogy of three persons each with their own particular emotional problem: impotence, fear and hate.  Bill was impotent and was afraid of losing his wife; Carol had been raped and fear dominated every aspect of her life; and Denise was on her second failed marriage and just seemed to hate everything. After visiting Dania, each person comes away with a personality change which included a positive outlook on virtually everything and then proceeds to experience a vibrant sex life.

Danica can exist in two forms:  she can appear as a pretty young girl or an elderly woman and it is her transformation directly in front of her visitors that give them confidence in her powers which are only intended to bring out the best in themselves that has been masked by their emotional problems.  Danica grows all her own herbs and spices which are used in her potions and also in those very unusual but delicious treats she gives out on Halloween; the candy-like pasties that seem to make everyone so full of joy after eating.

The benevolent witch Dania is called to a covenant meeting in India as a representative from the USA for a potential assignment.  After the meeting with the covenant, she enjoys the remaining time as a vacation in the beautiful Asian country.  She is intrigued by the unique architecture and way of life in India and is especially fascinated by the snake charmers.  With a charm of her own she convinces one of the wind instrument players to take her to a mother cobra that is protecting her eggs.  Danica has the power to exchange thoughts with the mother cobra and asks her for two eggs; the snake grants her request knowing that some her offspring will not survive after being hatched and on their own.  Using her charm to get her cobra eggs through customs, Danica brings them home and raises the newborn cobras as her own children.

In addition to the drama and intrigue there are many sexual encounters throughout the story, including female bisexuality and threesomes.



Benevolent witch Danica lives in a Gothic style home performing sex therapy. Her traditional witch’s attire causes people to seek the power she possesses over sexual problems, Danica’s growing list of visitors leave with renewed life attitudes leading to an exceptional sex. A special love potion is the secret source of her power—a specially blended tea, with acts of love and lust in mind.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Mother Son Sex, Mother Daughter Lovers, Brother Sister Incest, Witchcraft Romance, Voyeurism, Menage à Trois, Outdoor Sex, Non-Consent Rape


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Relative Taboo

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