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Father Daughter Incest & Witchcraft

Title:  The Spells of Danica 3

Series:  The Spells of Danica

Author: Houston Cei

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  23,842 Words

ISBN:  LC1600058

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3D Ebook Cover - The Spells of Danica 3 - by Houston Cei

The Spells of Danica 3


As if fate would have it, one afternoon when Raphael was with his friends and Kristina was also with hers, Vincent and Selena were left alone together in the house.  It was a middle of the week day with nothing in particular going on other than Selena’s homework with which Vincent was always glad to help; they were studying together at the breakfast bar in the kitchen.  After over an hour of a question and answer session, she felt a strange sensation coming over her, and although it was at first emotionally troubling to her, it became a surprisingly pleasant feeling.  The bright, green eyes that she had inherited from her father were focused on his; they always had enjoyed laughing and having a good time together, but Vincent saw a smile on her face that looked so different from any expression he had ever seen from his daughter.  There was a sensual look on her face and in her smile but for the time being he shrugged it off as her growing into womanhood.

“Dad, can we go into the family room now?” she asked softly.

“Of course we can,” he responded, “you’ve worked hard and deserve a break.  Let’s watch some TV.”

“I’ll meet you there,” she responded as she detoured towards her bedroom.

As Vincent was sitting comfortably on the sofa watching television, Selena walked directly passed him to turn it off.  He was astonished to see her in skimpy red satin thong-style panties that covered only the crevice of her shapely buttocks.  She had intentionally went directly to the big screen monitor rather than use the remote so that her father could first get a view of her from behind; and what a view it was; Vincent could hardly believe that his daughter would display so much of her bare body to him.  There was much more to be seen:  Selena turned around to let her father see the other side of her sexy body.  She had inherited the physical sexual charms that equaled those of her mother:  shapely legs with a smooth skin tone, breast cleavage and curved buttocks.  She had one certain unique feature that was all her own; her curly, black pubic hairs were visible outside her panty line continuing down her thighs just a couple of inches.  Some men find this feature in a woman extremely sensual, and to Vincent’s surpise, he discovered that he was such a man.

Selena was smiling seductively as she watched her father’s eyes focused on her crotch.  Vincent’s face was blank and although he was known for being quite talkative, he was now at a loss for words.  She could see the uneasiness in his countenance but she was determined to put him at ease.

“Don’t try to figure it out Dad and don’t fight it,” she told him, “this was not a plan; it just came over me after we finished studying.  Just relax and the same feeling may come over you.  Maybe you’ve never thought of making love to your daughter but I’ve never thought of being that way with you until now.  You saved my life, you are my hero and I want to give myself to you.”

Vincent looked directly into Selena’s eyes to say, “Honey, you owe me nothing; I’m just glad that you’re okay and we are a family.  Yes, you are beautiful and appealing, but you are my daughter and what you are suggesting is wrong.”

“Right or wrong makes no difference to me now.  I’ll say it again Dad:  don’t fight it.  It may or may not ever happen again, but tonight we are going to make love,” Selena said in a manner to indicate she would lead the way and certainly would not accept a refusal.  She then removed her red satin bra, tossed it aside and moved closer to Vincent where he was sitting on the sofa; she leaned forward to put her hand behind his head and with the other hand on one of her breasts, she guided her nipple into his mouth.  That was enough to stir his chemistry.  Vincent sucked hungrily on his daughter’s nipple and as she stroked his hair, she said, “You see Dad, it’s okay.  You’re into it already.  It will be beautiful.”

Selena stood upright before Vincent to let him watch her step out of her skimpy red sat panties.  Now he could get a full view of her bush, and what a beautiful sight it was to behold.  He never knew that he would find so much enjoyment in seeing such a healthy patch of public hair, while at the same time it seemed so feminine.  His bright green eyes were locked in a gaze with hers that were also of emerald green, and finally he cracked a smile while she was fingering her pussy.  I’ve got him now!  she thought to herself, just wait until he gets a sniff.  She moved her finger from her cunt to brush it back and forth sideways under his nose.  Sucking his daughter’s nipple and watching her in the nude finger-fucking herself got him started and now the scent of her pussy clinched it; there was no turning back now, he was ready to make love to her regardless of whether it was right or wrong.

Selena took Vincent by the hand to lead him to her bedroom, and once they entered, she chuckled and grinned broadly at the enthusiasm he displayed in getting undressed.  The passion that had at first taken hold of Selena had now caught up with Vincent.  Standing beside her now naked father, she was impressed that his prick was already standing.  “Boy, that’s a nice one Daddy,” she said as she held it her and soft, warm hand and stroked it slowly.  She had always called him “Dad” but she was hoping that addressing him as “Daddy” when they were ready to make love would excite him even more.  She was correct; Vincent was breathing heavily and unevenly in anticipation of having sex with his daughter.  Selena could see that he was ready and wanted no more foreplay so she held onto his cock and pulled him toward the bed where she positioned herself on her back with her legs spread wide apart for easy entrance into the moist, inviting pussy of a very young woman.

As Vincent’s prick entered his daughter’s cunt, she put her arms around his neck and spoke softly in his ear, “This is our first time; let’s make it nice and simple, and we may have many more times like this.  Tell me you love me Daddy; tell me you love fucking your daughter.”

This was the very first time that Vincent had heard his daughter speak in such a manner and it excited the passion that he already felt.  “Yes, I love you dearly,” he responded, “and if it pleases you to hear it, I will say it:  you are my daughter and it is wonderful to be fucking you; and yes, there can be many more times.”  There it is there!  he thought to himself, I said it to her just as she wanted me to.  I’m actually fucking my daughter.  This is not a dream, and we are both enjoying it.  Vincent could only think of what was happening now, and it was so enjoyable that neither he nor she thought of the possible consequences of their behavior.



The beautiful and benevolent witch Danica just can’t help herself; she loves to help others with her spells, potions, magic and even her specially blended aphrodisiac.  She also loves sex, something her life has been lacking since the passing of her husband. She wants to rekindle a romance with her friend Emily who is also a witch and invites her husband Robert to join in the fun.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Witchcraft Taboo Sex, Analingus, Aphrodisiac, Cum in the Mouth, Oral Sex


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Relative Taboo

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