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Father Daughter Incest & Romance Novels

Title:  The Reverend's Daughter 2

Series:  N/A

Author: Houston Cei

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher: Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  20,131 Words

ISBN:  9781310094811

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3D Ebook Cover - The Reverend's Daughter 2 - by Houston Cei

The Reverend's Daughter 2


It was a Friday afternoon when the doorbell rang and Reverend Jim knew it was Roxanne and Gregory; they had called on the phone earlier and expressed how excited they were to see him and tell about their grand adventure.  After greetings, he said, “I can feel the joy in your voices; tell me about your fabulous trip.”

“That’s exactly what it was Dad:  fabulous!” Roxanne exclaimed as she went on to describe the quaint setting of the native huts, the trees, the warm sapphire blue water and living almost as if they were aborigines.  In her excitement she was speaking so rapidly that her father could hardly follow and then Gregory said, “Slow down honey.”

Roxanne caught her breath and then said, “Gotcha babe but I have to tell Dad the best part.  Dad, we met the most wonderful couple.  They were so honest and sincere that we all four hit it off from the start.  This cute little woman named Patricia has short red hair and pretty freckles all over her legs; she looks like an innocent little Tinker Bell and you would never have guessed by looking at her that she’s just as nasty as I am.”

“I think I know what’s coming,” Jim said.

“Yeah, you probably guessed some of it,” Roxanne responded, “but I have a surpise for you.  She’s not the only one who’s cute; her husband David is a handsome fox.  Yes, we made love with this couple, switching partners and everything and we may even be in love with them.”

Gregory was smiling as his wife recount their sensuous activities while on vacation.  “Dad, she even likes to be watched while making love, you know, just like me; and here’s the best part:  David is not exactly her legal husband but they live together as if they were married.”

“Well, that’s not so unusual these days,” Jim said.

“Okay smarty,” Roxanne said jovially, paused for a few seconds and then added, “David is a little older that she, not only old enough to be her father, he is Patricia’s father.

Gregory’s grim broadened as Jim responded, “You mean…”

“You’ve got it Dad, they’re just like we were, and Patricia enjoyed fucking her father right in front of us.  I even took pictures I’m going to show you her getting it from both ends from David and Gregory at the same time.”

“Okay, dear daughter; you have me flabbergasted.”

“Well, just talking about it has got me horny.  Dad, I know you remember how aroused you were after watching me perform in the porn videos years ago, and right now I feel pretty much the way you felt.  Gregory and I have talked about it.”  Roxanne went closer to her father to give him a gentle kiss on the lips, the kind of kiss he had not felt from her for a considerable length of time.  Jim knew the direction she was going with her conversation but remained speechless and then she broke the momentary silence, “Dad, we want you back.  It does not have to be permanent but we would like to live for the moment with a threesome like we use to do before.”



In tropical paradise, Roxanne and Gregory expand their sexually depraved experiences. Not alone in her lust for father-daughter sex, Roxanne isn’t about to let another incestuous threesome go unexperienced. With Gregory encouraging her every desire, can Roxanne involve herself in this kinky liberal father-daughter threesome by first sharing every intimate detail with her father?

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Swinging Outdoor Sex, Sexually Depraved Voyeurism, Wife Swapping, Anniversary Celebration, Tropical Island, Group Menage Sex, Yacht Cruise, Sharp Shyster Lawyer, Religious Pentecostal Pastor, Lustful Desire, Kinky Liberal Romance


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