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Victorian Family Incest Erotica

Title:  The Power of Hypnotism

Originally Titled:  The Power of Mesmerism: a Highly Erotic Narrative of Voluptuous Facts and Fancies

Author: by Anonymous

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  The Lot’s Cave Edition

Language: English

Length:  26,772 Words

ISBN:  LC1800005

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3D Ebook Cover - The Power of Hypnotism - by Anonymous

The Power of Hypnotism


Frank could no longer resist, but holding her thumbs he commenced the magnetic passes, and she speedily fell into his arms, apparently in a deep slumber. He now sought to see if he was entirely successful in his attempt to produce the effect he desired, and therefore taking her in his arms and laying her on the couch, he said, “Ethel, do you know where you are?”

“With my darling brother,” she replied.

“Do you love him?”

“Madly,” was the reply.

“What would you like to do to prove that love?”

“Anything he desires.”

“Stand up.”

She did so.

“Unfasten your dress; take it off.”

She complied immediately.

“Loosen your petticoats and take them off; now your slippers and your stockings.”

The dear girl did exactly as requested, still in the same dreamy, languid manner. She now stood in her chemise and drawers only, and Frank felt as if he would faint. This splendid girl standing before him; lovely ankles, calves, and bare feet and those enchanting breasts peeping over her embroidered chemise, constituted a most voluptuous sight.

“Now, my darling,” said he, “remove your drawers.”

She did so, and he snatched them up and covered them with kisses.

“Now the chemise.”

That also was taken off with alacrity, and she was before him perfectly naked. Heavens! What a sight! The whiteness of her skin, which shone like alabaster, the exquisite contour of her limbs, and the tremulous motion which pervaded every muscle, formed a combination of lustful excitement that utterly baffles description.

He then ordered her to lie down on her back, raise her knees, and place her heels against her buttocks, then insert her finger in that divine cunt and frig herself.

She did so.

“How do you feel, darling? Are you going to spend? I will that you spend at once.”

Her whole body stiffened.

“Keep your thighs widely extended,” he said, “so that I can see every throb that convulses your cunt, when the lovely liquor of love oozes forth.”

She obeyed, and with a deep sigh he saw it gush forth and cover her caressing hand.

He rushed forward and licked her cunt furiously, and then sitting in an easy chair, said, “Ethel, get up.”

She obeyed, and following his commands...



Originally printed in 1891 for the Nihilists in Moscow as The Power of Mesmerism, Now in Public Domain. A young man returns from years away at school armed with powers to control people through hypnotism. He uses his power to satisfy his every lust and the lusts of his family members. The old-fashioned mid-19th century style begins a bit awkwardly, but is a good imitation in style of the Marquis de Sade with the same type of "extreme" events, including the duplicity and mind games but without the murders and expressions of power you'd find in Sade.

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Sex, Father Daughter Incest, Mother Son Romance, Hypnotic Mind Control, Victorian Incest Erotica


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