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Watersports & Golden Showers Erotica

Title:  The Piss Code

Series:  Wet Games At School No.3

Author: Lolly Pope

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lolly Pope at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  11,747 Words

ISBN:  LC4610003

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3D Ebook Cover - The Piss Code - Wet Games At School No.3 - by Lolly Pope

The Piss Code


Ollie and I had always been friends, even when we were in juvie. When I did a stupid thing he did it, too, so we could be together no matter where we were, prison included. Thatís how we ever worked. Two as one. We werenít brothers, but our moms were best friends and we grew up pretty much in the same house. When I wasnít in his house, Ollie was in mine and so on. We discovered a lot together. Yeah, including the wonders of masturbating and sex. We even discovered his dadís collection of porn vids and magazines. Kinda old fashion but at that time we didnít know that. Only after that we stumbled upon the internet porn and then, we were hooked.

Of course, we experimented a lot on each other. Ollie was the one I first kissed after we had seen a stupid romance movie with our moms. When it was over, we scurried in my room and tried the kiss ourselves. Instinctively, we knew we couldnít do it in front of them, thatís why we hid. We kissed until we both got hard, even though at the time we had no idea what to do about it. When we grew older, we spied on my dad and saw him jerking off in the garage. Obviously, we had to try that one, too. And we started right there behind the garage door that connected with the kitchen. We were already hard. Usually, I was the braver one, so I grabbed Ollieís dick and started rubbing it. He followed my example.

Sure enough, a few months later we were looking for girls to participate. Youíd be surprised how many of them wanted to see our members and how fast the word spread around our little home town.

We ended up in juvie after we stole some cars and other shit from a house. We were sixteen. We spent the next two years there, then we got transferred to a prison for another two. Thatís where we met Roxanne, our third musketeer. She was gorgeous. Red hair, big green eyes and a body that made you drool no matter what it had on. Now, Ollie and I never had much trouble finding and liking the same girl, so Roxy wasnít any different, but sheís the only one that stuck with us and didnít get bored with our threesomes.

All three of us got out in 2012. Since we had seen the horrors of a prison, we vowed never to return. We decided to go straight and our first step was to finish school. Of course, we didnít have money for it and our parents werenít willing to help, so we fucked our way in. More specifically, we found a high placed teacher and sent Roxy to seduce him. We filmed the whole hot scene and then we blackmailed the bastard into convincing the principal to give us a shot. And what do you know? The nice lady even got us some scholarships. Some way to get straight, huh?



Ollie and Steve never fuck a girl solo. They prefer hot threesomes. They also have a hot wet fetish: watersports. They like playing all sorts of pee games, but unfortunately for them they canít always find a girl thatís willing to try. But thatís until they get arrested for stealing and they finally meet one girl as crazy as they are, who is ready to satisfy all their wet fantasies and stick around for more.

eBook TAGS    Watersports Menage, Drinking Piss Fetish, Golden Showers, Pee in Mouth, Threesome Bisexual Sex, Bicurious Confused Gay


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