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Dark Non-Consent Historical Erotica

Title:  The King's Pleasure

Series:  N/A

Author: Kurt Dysan

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  13,047 Words

ISBN:  LC3500022

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3D Ebook Cover - The King's Pleasure - by Kurt Dysan

The King's Pleasure


I watched in awe as the two men faced each other. They were incredibly muscular, naked, well endowed men, dripping in sweat, their eyes filled with the frenzy of combat. The sight of their huge cocks made my mouth water.

I had only been married a month, and had been given to my husband, Sir Edgar, as a virgin. I’d seen naked men working around the castles and imagined their cocks erect, but Edgar’s small member was the only one I’d seen ready for a woman. It had been a disappointment. I was young and easily aroused.

Even flaccid, these two men had the biggest cocks I’d ever seen and I had trouble imagining either of them getting their shaft inside a normal woman. I ached to see one of them hard and proudly erect.

We had come to the palace to attend the coronation of the new king. My husband, Edgar, had been a close friend, ally, and about the same age as the old king. He wasn’t happy to have lost a friend, and doubted that the son would be a good king. “They fought about so many things. The boy thinks he is entitled,” Edgar told me.

Even the idea of celebrating the coronation with a wrestling match irritated Edgar. The old king had banned such affairs. Even worse, the king insisted that all his lords and their wives could attend. Having women present, watching these naked men grappling, broke with tradition. I thought I knew why the older generation didn’t want women watching. It was intoxicating and gave a young woman lusty ideas.

Whatever the truth of his fitness to rule, the young king was a fine looking man. He was about my age and at that moment I could see that he was endowed with a goodly sized and very manly member, for as he watched the fights a young Nubian consort lying naked with him on his couch had pushed his robes aside and was stroking it gently. His hand caressed her bare ebony breasts contentedly.

It was the custom at events for the lords to have assigned couches. When women were present, whether wives or concubines, they shared their lord’s couch as they watched. Edgar lay behind me, his hand resting lifelessly on my hip. He was smoldering with anger and I think the sight of the Nubian and our king inflamed him more.

Not everyone was against the changes, it seemed. On the next couch over, Palis, my brother-in-law, husband to my older sister Luc (for Lucretia), found the even arousing, for he had hiked up her robes and was thrusting a lovely prick into her from behind as they watched. I barely knew him, but Luc had said he was lusty and able to give her many a good fucking.



From the moment of his coronation the new king throws the kingdom into chaos. He makes it clear that all that matters is his pleasures—sex with all the attractive women in his domain and wrestling—with women as prizes. Gala's husband opposes the new ways; her sister Lucretia's husband wants to gain favor with the king. Gala is going to be used in every way; the only choice is what side to take.

eBook TAGS    Dark Erotica, group, Rape, Forced Non-Consent, anal, humiliation, historical erotica, wrestlers, double penetration, domination


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