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Hucow Lactoslut Erotica

Title:  The Joy of Cream: A Hucow Collection

Series:  The Complete Hucow Collection

Author: Lola Ryder & Vic Bonner

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lola Ryder & Vic Bonner

Language: English

Length:  19,746 Words

ISBN:  LC4600004

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3D Ebook Cover - The Joy of Cream: A Hucow Collection - by Lola Ryder & Vic Bonner

The Joy of Cream: A Hucow Collection


#1 Hucow at the Office – Cream & Punishment

#2 Hucow Farm - The Creamy Weekend

#3 Hucow Castle - Cream for The Thirsty King

#4 A Royal Hucow - The Creamy Passions


Melissa moved closer to the boss and sat on his lap, rubbing her hot wet pussy on the large bulge in his trousers. Mister Morris wrapped his hands around her waist and buried his face between the heavy snow white bosoms, enjoying the softness of Melissa’s skin and sweet scent of her milk.

“Wow! Trevor, I see you don’t like wasting time!” Melissa jumped, as she heard a male voice behind her.

Her boss’s associates, Mr Tate and Mister Brown finally made it from the off-licence shop with several bottles of wine and were pleasantly surprised to see a sexy naked girl with the most amazing big tits sitting on their colleague’s lap.

“Sorry fellas, the cake is off the menu!” Mister Morris said to men. “But, we have something so much better! Hey, why don’t you join me?”

The men have not hesitated to accept the offer. They quickly removed jackets and unzipped trousers, taking out and playing with their hard cocks, whilst Mister Morris moved Melissa from the couch onto the soft carpet. There, he continued drinking from her right breast, whilst Mister Tate – a young tanned man with black hair and green eyes, was sucking hard, trying to drain the other one. Melissa felt an immense relief as the pressure from her swollen tits was slowly disappearing and the tickling sensation of the men’s tongues made her even more horny down below.

“Wow, her milk is amazing!” Mister Tate said, trying to catch his breath. “So sweet and creamy! How come she is producing it?”

“Well, Melissa stole and ate our dessert and it looks like it made her this way,” Mister Morris said.

“What a naughty girl!” Mister Tate smiled, shaking his head. “How long do you think it’s going to last?”

“I don’t know, so let’s make the best out of the time we’ve got!” Mister Morris replied and carried on drinking from Melissa’s breast.

“I think the naughty girl needs to be punished!” Mister Brown, a short bald man in his fifties with especially thick cock opened the brat’s legs and looked at her wet aching pussy that was begging to be filled by a cock.

“Oh, my God!” he said. “She is so perfect!” He kneeled between Melissa’s legs and began eating her pussy, at first running his tongue along her swollen wet lips and then circling the clit with his skilful tongue. As he was teasing her tight opening, Melissa was feeling out of this world and soon she had the most powerful orgasm ever, filling Mister Brown’s mouth with her sweet juice. Whilst the waves of pleasure pulsed through the brat’s body, her breasts kept filling up with sweet creamy milk that men craved.

Mister Brown enjoyed playing with the brat’s tiny pussy, which so readily was giving him lots of juice. He caressed her warm wet folds with his fingers and then, suddenly, he found something he did not expect to be there.

“Hey, gentlemen! I believe this young lady is still a virgin!” he announced, quite surprised by this discovery.

The men stopped sucking Melissa’s tits.

“Is that true?” Mister Morris asked the brat.

“Yes,” she breathed out.

Losing her virginity was on top of Melissa’s list for the summer and she could not wait to find out how it feels to be fucked by a big thick cock.

“Please, do not stop!” she begged Mister Brown. “Please fuck me… fuck me hard and fast!”

Mister Brown did not wait to be asked twice. He spread the brat’s legs extra wide and she squealed when the head of his monster cock pressed against her tight opening. He did not wear a condom, but Melissa did not care. The only thing she wanted right now was to have sex – hot, hard and unprotected.

As Mister Brown’s thick length pressed against her hungry hole, Melissa never experienced such an amazing mixed feeling of pleasure and pain all at once. Suddenly, she felt something give and the thick cock finally entered her tight needy wetness, slowly sliding inside, until the brat felt Mister Brown’s balls touching her ass cheeks. He then pulled out his cock and slid it in again, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. Melissa felt her breasts getting heavy yet again, as the man began pumping her pussy faster and faster, whilst her boss and Mister Tate continued greedily kneading and draining her breasts, dribbling sweet milk everywhere. The sensation of being milked and fucked at the same time was overwhelming and the brat was on the brink of passing out with pleasure, experiencing orgasm after orgasm...



This four story collection features Lola Ryder’s hucow stories! Learning the meaning of being a large breasted and lactating female, these four women all unlock the creamy pleasures of their kinky partners. Whether being deflowered by their boss, pleasuring guests on the farm, or being taught the meaning of rough discipline by a whole group, these four women are sure to leave readers satisfied!

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