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Paranormal Sci-Fi Incest Erotic Novels

Title:  The Incredible Sextons

Series:  The Incredible Sextons No.1

Author: Kristine Lichtlider

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher: Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  26,379 Words

ISBN:  9781311550699

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3D Ebook Cover - The Incredible Sextons - by Kristine Lichtlider

The Incredible Sextons


Chuckling, Dr. Sexton put down his pipe and watched the dark haired woman trip one security alarm after another. One of his monitors had a great view of her rear as she crawled under a table to pick up a grocery receipt. Yes, that would make for great copy on the news. The Sextons like to eat hummus.

He was just about to notify one of his security bots to escort her off the premises when she did something he did not expect. She jimmied open a ventilation duct and crawled inside. It wasn't that he didn't have security measures in place; It was that they were designed for four legged members of the rodentia family.

Dr. Sexton doffed his lab coat and took off at a run toward the kitchen. When his communicator went off, he answered it without slowing his pace.

“What is it dear? Have you noticed our intruder as well?”

“We have an intruder?”

“Not anything serious. Just a snoopy reporter who was intellectually deficient enough to crawl into our ductworks. I imagine when her hand comes down on top of a spring loaded rat trap she'll come out quickly enough. What's wrong? You sound angry.”

“You will not believe what your children were up to just now.”

Dr. Sexton slowed to a halt, changed direction, and walked slowly toward his children's bedrooms.


“Again. Are you sure that when we went through that black hole in Omega-7 it didn't make him kind of...funny?”

“I'm certain, dear. Do you want to handle it?”

“I'll discipline Tim, you handle Tina. And DON'T let her sweet talk you out of it.”

“Right. I'll be there moment—”

Dr. Sexton enacted his Electromagnetism, using it to open a temporary wormhole to the hallway outside of his children's rooms. He stepped through mid- sentence, arriving in a split second.

“—arily.” He stared at his son, dressed up like a schoolgirl, panties still around his ankles. “Son, please tell me it isn't so.”

“Don't worry, dear,” said Sara, dragging Tim by his cock. “I'll remind him he's a man.”

That left Dr. Sexton alone with his daughter. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.


“I'm very displeased with you, Tina. You know your brother has a cross dressing problem and yet you indulge his sickness.”

“Oh, it's not that big a deal.”

“It most certainly IS young lady. And you're going to—”



The Sextons, America’s 1st family of super powered protectors, are into some very kinky sex and Lena Payne, ace reporter, thinks something is fishy about them. When she breaks into their home intent to snoop, she is turned into a pony girl maid. Meanwhile, Dr. Despair plots their doom, enraged they didn’t credit him on the Quantum Phase shift Juicer that sold millions on the Home Shopping channel...

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Father Daughter Sex, Sibling Lovers, Paranormal Sci-fi Erotica, Family Exotica, Fantasy Sexbot Clones, Spaceship & Astronaut & Rocket, Event Horizon, Counter Earth, Non-Consensual Sex, Pony Girl, Anal Sex, Gags, Slave Girl


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