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Incest BDSM Sci-Fi Erotica

Title:  Bondage Master of the Negaverse

Series:  The Incredible Sextons No.2

Author: Kristine Lichtlider

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher: Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  33,583 Words

ISBN:  LC1600112

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3D Ebook Cover - Bondage Master of the Negaverse - The Incredible Sextons No.2 - by Kristine Lichtlider

Bondage Master of the Negaverse


“Good enough,” Sara said she stepped up behind her daughter and grabbed a handful of her lustrous hair. Tina gasped as she yanked her head backward. “It's high time that you learned some respect for your parents.”

“Yes ma'am,” Tina said, trying not to grin. She'd have preferred her father's cock to whatever her mother had in store for her, but any attention was good attention as far as she was concerned. The trick would be to try NOT to let on how much fun she was having…

“Oh, so now you decide to be respectful,” Sara said “It's too little, too late for that.”

Sara grabbed a pair of manacles off the wall. They were of Thad's design and were specially designed not to pinch the flesh or damage the radial nerve. The chain between them could be adjusted to any length from a few millimeters to three feet long. Sara set them to be four inches apart because she wanted Tina to have some flexibility in arm movement. She was in for a long night.

“Ow,” Tina said, though the cuffs didn't really hurt.

“Stop complaining,” Sara said.

Sara took down a thick leather belt and wrapped it around Tina's narrow waist. She used a convenient hasp on the back to connect the manacles to the belt and buckled everything tight. Tina's hands were now bound at waist level behind her back.

She was far from done with her daughter. Sara next selected a spreader bar from the wall of artifacts and fastened the cuffs on Tina's ankles. The girl was forced to stand with her legs widely apart, revealing her ass and pussy even from behind.

“Oh god, Mom,” Tina said, rolling her eyes “I'm getting wet.”

“Shut up!” Sara said, yanking hard on Tina's hair again “you're not supposed to be enjoying this!”

“But I am,” Tina said pleadingly “check and see...”

Sara knew she was being manipulated, but the feel of Tina's soft flesh pressed against her own was too tempting. She thrust her fingers between her daughter's legs and rubbed her twat. It was, in fact, dripping wet. Tina sighed and started grinding her hips as much as the restraints would allow.

Taking down a large rubber ball gag from the wall with her free hand, Sara worked her daughter into a frenzy. Soon her hand was as wet as Tina's twat, covered in her daughter's lust. Sara rubbed the ball gag all over the quivering purple flesh, ensuring it was dripping wet as well, before thrusting it into her daughter's mouth. Tina groaned as Sara tightened the gag fully, going one notch further than she usually did.

“I'll teach you to test me,” Sara growled. She left her daughter standing nude and vulnerable and selected a five bladed whip from the wall. It was a little more brutal than she would have normally used, but it seemed a fitting punishment for Tina's misdeeds.



The Incredible Sextons: America's first super family! When they're not saving the world, they're up to kinky hijinks with each other and their bondage rubber maid. When Dr. Despair's daughter Lilith hatches a plot to rescue her father from the Negaverse, can special guest star The Black Scorpion help save the day? Not while the Sextons have her as their bound and gagged prisoner! Adventure, BDSM, and camp collide in the latest Sexton adventure.

eBook TAGS    Incestuous Family, Father Daughter Sex, Mother Son Sex, Brother Sister Sex, Bondage & Discipline BDSM, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Latex, Superhero, Non-consent Kidnapping, Lesbian Incest


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