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BDSM Domination & Submission Erotica

Title:  The Hotel

Series:  N/A

Author: Crimson Rose

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher: Crimson Rose at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  24,125 Words

ISBN:  LC3100007

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3D Ebook Cover - The Hotel - by Crimson Rose

The Hotel



While on a trip to visit her best friend’s new home in the country, Lexi takes a wrong turn thanks to a storm and faulty GPS and finds herself at a rundown hotel in the middle of nowhere. With the weather worsening by the second, she gets a room for the night despite the manager’s creepy, leering gaze at her sheer blouse and runs across a potholed parking lot towards the shelter of room 207.

eBook TAGS    bdsm, dark erotica, domination, submission, body modification, hucow, discipline, gang bang


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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Stepping into the room, Lexi saw two naked men sitting on the edge of a king-sized bed. The first, a brown haired, blue eyed man in his thirties who at one time was in great shape, but one too many beers caused some bulging around the middle. And the other, a forty-something, overweight man with salt and pepper hair, stood up showing Lexi his cock for the first time.

I am Luke and this is George and we’re here to fuck you for the next two days,” he said with a creepy grin. The rules are simple. We will fuck you in any way we like, as often as we like, over the course of forty-eight hours and then you will receive your mark of completion and be permitted to enter the next room. Following me so far, sweetie?”

“Yes, but I’ll never ask either of you to fuck me so you might as well forget it,” Lexi protested.

“Oh, you’ll ask eventually. They all do. You see, the longer you go without asking us, the longer you go without food. And your time does not start until you’ve asked both of us to fuck you.” He thumbed at a door to his right. “If you need to use the bathroom it’s in there. Don’t bother trying to escape, or looking for weapons as you’ll find neither.”

“So, you’re not going to rape me, but you are going to force me to choose between fucking you and starving to death?”

Standing up, George moved in front of Lexi and smiled. She desperately tried to keep her eyes north of the equator, but they drifted down to limp cocks that showed promise in the growth department. “Look, we’re not so bad. And who knows, you might even like it. Have you ever been with two men at the same time?”


“Then think of this as broadening your horizons,” Luke replied. “Remember, the longer you wait to ask, the longer you will be here and the longer you will go without food. You can drink all the water you want from the bathroom, but believe me, water alone will only get you so far.”

“That means you starve as well then!”

“Nope. Meals will be delivered to us every day and we’ll eat in front of you,” said George with an almost pleading tone to his voice. “If you want to eat, you have to ask us to fuck you.”

“And how exactly will you fuck me?”

“However we want,” George answered. “Before you receive your mark of completion however, you must take both of us in all three holes in pretty much every conceivable way.”

“So you’ll fuck my pussy, mouth and ass?” she said, her face turning red with embarrassment

“That is correct,” replied Luke. “And not just one at a time. We will both fuck you at the same time. We will fuck your pussy and ass, pussy and mouth, and your ass and mouth, and we’ll do it as much as we like in the time allotted. And you will always take our loads in your holes. When we cum in your mouth you will swallow it all.”

“If we cum on your face or those perfect tits,” said George “you will scoop it up and eat it all.”

“Let’s just get this over with,” Lexi sighed, moving to the bed.

“Get what over with?” asked George.

“You have to tell us what you want. Only then can we begin,” said Luke.

Lexi turned even redder and it was starting to move down her chest. “I…I want…” she stammered

“Yes,” George replied “what is it you want sweetie?”

“I want you to… will you… OH GOD… I want the two of you to fuck me in whatever way you can.”

Luke and George smiled. “It would be our pleasure,” they said in almost perfect unison.