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Family Incest in Science Fiction

Title:  The Haley Experiment

Series:  N/A

Author: Chanel Ashby

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  27,688 Words

ISBN:  LC8500007

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3D Ebook Cover - The Haley Experiment - by Chanel Ashby

The Haley Experiment



Haley’s father has finally created the perfect clone of his little princess! Watching the clone engage in a lesbian mother daughter play session, Haley’s Daddy soon discovers—he wants the real thing! Willing to push his virgin daughter to the depths of his secret fantasy, Daddy’s little girl soon loves the taboo sex. Haley might just make her father’s dirty fantasy become reality and then some!

eBook TAGS    Mother Daughter Incest, Father Daughter Incest, Lesbian Threesome, Mother Sister Sex, Taboo, Daddy's Little Girl, Daddy Daughter Fantasy, First Time Virgin


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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The name was stuck in his throat and when he finally said it, it was just above a whisper. “Jerome?” he reached for her shoulder and held on tightly, Haley might even have fingerprint bruises in the morning but maybe that was necessary for the little tramp to remember that she still lived under his roof. “No, you're wrong little girl,” he was behind her now, both hands on her shoulders, a vice grip around his daughter, “it is my business. You can't do whatever you want, Haley, you are still,” his voice broke, it was the combination of the closeness and the words. His erection was almost touching her backside when he murmured, “my little girl.”

His daughter struggled to get free and when she couldn't, she snapped back, “Mom said you'd be like this. I shouldn't have told you,” Haley was fighting him, struggling to get free and his cock thumped in the pleats, Dean had never been so hard. “Look at you, you're jealous aren't you?” she was almost laughing and she muttered under her breath, “Daddy is jealous of a boy.”

She was right and the beads of sweat on his brow confirmed it but thankfully, Haley didn't know what he had tucked away in his pants for her and he shook her a little, his fingers tightening around her arms. “Shut up, Haley,” he growled softly in her ear, his mouth was aching to taste her but this was the wrong girl. A line of perspiration ran from his forehead, it was cool on his hot cheek and it trickled into his collar. “I'm not jealous, don't be ridiculous,” he lied, his cock hammering at the crotch of his pants, if it could just get free, he would thrust it home, into his daughter's glove-tight entry.

It was made for him, wasn't that what he told himself? Dean tried to catch his breath, tried to straighten this all out, what kind of a man was he turning into? He hadn't seen or talked to her at all for over a week and the first conversation that they had was this? He released her arms and patted her gently, as if to make up for the grip, for squeezing a young, defenseless girl so hard, and he felt Haley turn to face him. In the light, he could see the look of triumph on her face, “you are jealous, Daddy. Just admit it,” her breath was a soft caress on his face. “I see the way you look at me, especially when there are boys around,” she sighed and wiggled, just enough to send an electric pulse of pleasure down his body, a fat droplet of precum escaped, wetting his boxers again. “But you don't have to worry, Daddy,” her tee-shirt was up and try as he might to control himself, Haley's bare pussy was just a breath away from being revealed and he couldn't keep his eyes on her face, “Jerome is very nice to me.”

Dean could hear the blood rushing through him, coursing through his veins and the ache in his crotch had taken on a life of its own. The tee-shirt had eased up all that it needed to, “yes, honey,” he whispered, dropping to his knees, his legs had given out and his brain had switched to fight or flight. It was a crisis and the only thing he could do was what he was programmed for, “that's nice,” he murmured. He wiped his chin with the back of his hand, his mouth was watering for his daughter's delectable crevice and he had just realized as he explored all of her forbidden places with his eyes that he had gotten it almost perfectly right.

HAL-312 was almost identical to Haley. She had no hair on her lower lips and it didn't appear that she removed it, she just had a trace of wispy down there. Dean didn't have to touch it to know that it was silky and warm to the touch. Haley's lips were small, petite and girlish and yet between them, once they were swollen and open, once they were kissed and caressed, once Daddy had fondled her to a hot, needy place, she would be so ready inside. Dripping and buttery on his hand and then his face, he could almost taste her, feel the tip of her clit on his tongue. He could almost hear her sobbing for more as he sucked on her, drawing her inside, bringing her closer and closer to her first orgasm in her father's mouth. “Daddy!” she said and it broke the spell. This wasn't like the clone's sexy purr at all, she was yelling at him.

Dean held his face in his hands, now he really had fucked up. Reality and virtual reality were getting all tangled up and the little girl that he'd left behind, tucked into the bed at the lab, the one with the sheets that he'd made a mess of, HAL-312 was perfectly fine with her Daddy staring at her naked, little pussy. The original model was fuming, “Daddy, what are you doing, you fucking pervert,” she yanked the front of the tee-shirt down and cut off the lovely vision of her snatch abruptly, he was closed out, most likely forever. “I knew you were jealous, but this is ridiculous,” she crossed her arms over her chest and round breasts and glowered, “did you like what you saw, Daddy? I hope it was worth it because I am definitely telling Mom.”

The little bitch, of course she would and that was the primary reason for the clone program. The funding would be a cinch because if there were just one horny father on the board like himself who had been caught drooling over his gorgeous daughter's, mostly naked and too exposed body, as if he weren't really even a man, as if any man could control himself like that, they couldn't write him a check fast enough. This was expecting too much, Dean got to his feet slowly, he was a mess, angry, angry with himself and furious with her although he couldn't verbalize it properly. How dare she turn him down? “What are you going to tell your mother, Haley? Like she would believe anything you say,” Haley wasn't the only one with cards to play, she was a known liar after all, “everyone knows that you exaggerate, little girl.”

“Oh yeah?” she raised her eyebrows and Haley reached out, her right hand knew exactly where to touch and that must have been because he couldn't help but be obvious at this point. His daughter touched the head of his dick through the front of his pants and whispered, “am I exaggerating right now, Daddy?”

She continued her massage and it burned through the pants and scorched his body and Dean threw his head back, his mouth open. He couldn't allow a sound to come out or it would be her name and it would be followed by all the nasty things that he wanted to do with her. Haley's small fingers didn't need to be guided and if she unzipped him and reached inside to stroke the cock that made her, Dean wasn't going to stop her. “Baby, oh Haley,” he groaned, she had found him out, she had discovered his kryptonite, there was no use in using subtleties anymore, “god baby, Daddy wants you so much. You make me hard all the time just thinking about you.”

His daughter taunted him, now it was just a teasing finger, snaking over the thumping lump in the front of his pants, toying with the wet spot that she'd given him, it had soaked all the way through. “That's what I thought, Daddy,” she couldn't know that the tip of her finger was on his slit, could she? She wasn't that grown up, it wasn't possible that she could seduce a grown man without even trying, was it? “So what's it worth for me not to tell Mom?” Haley's mouth was close and soft and open just a little, her breasts could be crushed to his chest, he could almost feel the heat of her tiny, stone hard nipples on his chest and once that happened, there would be no stopping him. Kitchen or not, forbidden or not, Vivienne could walk downstairs and find him pounding their daughter full of cock and nothing mattered.

He shuddered, this was what HAL-312 was missing. She was completely agreeable to it all and somehow that took away a bit of the depravity that he reveled in. “Anything, Haley,” she was touching the head of his cock and he was close to bursting in his pants for his young daughter. “Anything you want, baby girl,” he panted, watching her fingers on his dick, he could hardly wait for her to unzip her Daddy. He wouldn't even care if all of the research had been for naught, it was well worth it.

Haley withdrew her hand and placed it on her hip, the twinkle in her dark, blue eyes was just evil now that she had him so close to the edge. “I think it's worth Mom's Mercedes. She wants a new one anyway,” she tossed her black hair back over her shoulder and put one finger to her juicy lips, almost giggling, “think about it, Daddy, but don't make me wait too long.”

She was gone. The refrigerator was still open and the light reached out across the floor, almost to Dean's feet, his cock needed relief, he needed it now. If he were a different man, he would have followed her upstairs.