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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  The Full Incest Monte

Series:  N/A

Author: Lisa Smiles

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lisa Smiles at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  11,351 Words

ISBN:  LC1100157

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3D Ebook Cover - The Full Incest Monte - by Lisa Smiles

The Full Incest Monte


I’ve been preparing things all week for my daughter Emily’s 18th birthday pool party, getting the water thoroughly clean, buying new pool toys and finding myself some new goggles.

She’s so nervous about things going well that she has put on her present from daddy, a skimpy little orange bikini, and ran out to check that the water is going to be perfect for her friends when they get here.

“How is it Emi?”

“Fantastic daddy. You’re fantastic! Can you throw me a noodle?” I throw her one from the big new box of the things I’ve bought for today. “Why don’t you get in?”

How could I refuse?

“I’ll go and get into my cozzy.”

I’m not sure if it’s morning wood or the amount of new skin I saw when she passed me, but I’m packing a load as I walk back out to the pool.

And now for these googles. Oh wow! It’s like seeing through air.

“Emily, count how long I can stay under.”

The way she is straddling the noodle and kicking her legs is causing the front of her bikini to flutter. I’m so glad I went through every pair at bikinis-r-us to find the ones with the weakest elastic.

For as long as I’m under I can stare all I like. Oh gosh, the noodle just pushed the fabric completely off to one side. Doesn’t she know? I owe it to myself, for all my hard work, to at least sneak a peek.

I gave her money to go to the beautician—I didn’t know she got totally waxed! It makes me proud, as her biological father, to see my girl has a well contained quim. She’ll have no trouble keeping a man with a treasure like that in her panties.

So let’s think this through. This afternoon in this pool I’ll have her friends Zoe and Lauren, plus my god-daughter Cloe, all in bikinis. I’ve also invited Cloe’s dad Paul, my best friend since college, to hang out as well. He’s the right friend for the occasion, a school teacher like me, with a penchant for ogling and frivolous games.

Some extended family and boys from Emily’s school will be here tonight for a barbecue and some beers but Emily doesn’t want anyone but her friends around after ten. The pajama party should keep them awake until two, then they have the whole day tomorrow by the pool to recover.

I surface only to be told she lost count.

“Oh Emily!”

“Daddy, I know you’re doing so much but my friends and I want to ask one silly favor?”

“Anything honey, you know that.”

“They want to know if you’ll organize pool games.”

This group of girls grew up with Roger the Dodger’s pool games. You might think that by eighteen they would have lost interest, but when they’re around here all they lose are their teen girl pretenses—and their grip on their swimwear.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Daddy Daughter Sex, First Time Virgin, Erotic Romance, Voyeurism, Oral Sex


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After lives spent bedding their students as soon as they hit eighteen, ageing school teachers Roger and Paul are turning their attention to daughters. Roger's plans don't go beyond watching his daughter Emily under the water with goggles, but he's about to learn Paul's plans with his daughter Cloe go a lot further. Scarier still is that both of their daughters have been planning as well.