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Dark Erotica

Title:  The Cat That Got The Cream

Series:  N/A

Author: Morven Stark

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lotís Cave

Language: English

Length:  13,782 Words

ISBN:  LC3600002

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The Cat That Got The Cream


The film had already become suggestively disgusting and I could feel a familiar nauseous flush in my belly. At the same time I recognised this was an opportunity, even in my state of angst I could fathom that. The disc, this movie, should never have been in my hands but it had got there directly from the hands of god, implicating him deeply. The whole thing was just too intriguing, held too much potential to be shrugged aside. I lit another ciggy and switched the movie back on.

The camera now panned back to the table behind the naked man. On its maroon velvet surface, alongside the bottle of whiskey and decanter of water, lay several items designed specifically for sexual useóor abuse.

A short whip of black leather with a gently tapering tail of plaited thongs, itís black leather handle heavily studded with steel spikes. Three dildoís of different shape, size and colour, the largest being obscene in dimension and exaggerated in shape, itís colour a glossy black as though it had already been prepared with some oil based lubricant in anticipation of being used. I shuddered as the camera paused over it as though relishing its sight, the nausea rising within me once more. Finally, as though with reluctance, the camera moved away from the savage looking whip and dildos and panned onto the final article lying on the table where again it paused for a moment as though to allow the viewer full understanding. It was a hunting knife with black knurled handle, curved protector shield and the most wicked and lethal looking blade imaginable. Knives have always held a morbid fascination for me, I loath them but canít avoid looking at them. This one was no different and much as I hated myself for allowing it I found my eyes drawn back to its wickedly curving blade. Seven inches of sharply pointed and highly polished steel, a groove for draining blood central on itís wicked length, the upper edge a saw tooth ridge.

I fought back my nausea with a quick gulp of my drink, the bite of the alcohol through the tang of tonic calming me and moistening my parched lips and mouth with delicious fizzle.

On the movie soft music had begun to play from somewhere in the background and fearful of what may eventuate as the movie continued I turned down the volume and leant closer to the screen as though terrified someone might overhear and guess what I was viewing, a ridiculous concept considering my house, but a reflection of the guilt and angst I was currently not enjoying.

The camera panned back to the man who still stood ever so slowly stroking his engorged erection. Again the viewer was treated to several seconds of the manís penis which now appeared angrily discoloured and grotesquely misshapen. The two straps constricting his shaft caused the flesh to bulge obscenely and the restriction to blood flow had turned his whole organ an angry purple in colour, the blood vessels standing out like dark cords encircling it. My stomach flipped over with revulsion but I couldnít help.



Liz works as the advertising executive for a large engineering company, a company privately owned by an overbearing and dominant man, a man she finds herself strangely attracted towards. Purely by mischance she discovers a secret side to her power wielding and egotistical boss, a secret side she realises would ruin him were it to become public. How will she react?

eBook TAGS    Dark Erotica, Sadism & Masochism BDSM, Age Difference Perversion, whips, mask, knife, young, sadistic, bound


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