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True Incest – Family Love Epic – Erotic

Title:  Colleen: The Anxious Years

Series:  Generational Family Love Epic 9

Author: Steven Michaels

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  42,112 Words

ISBN:  LC1600054

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3D Ebook Cover - Colleen: The Anxious Years - Family Love Epic 9 - by Steven Michaels

Colleen: The Anxious Years

Series Note:

Each book, 1 to 11 in this series is a stand alone story and completed by the author. The Complete Collection is available in a single massive ebook here now.


Gwen hadn’t planned for her visit home to be still going strong, but she didn’t want to miss her mother’s annual Fourth of July party for the entire family. As was the family’s custom, all of the youngsters—even into their teens—were playing and running naked around the backyard. Gwen’s four year old son, Philip, after meeting his cousins only a few days before, had shed his clothes as fast as his cousins had, and was playing just as freely.

Colli’s youngest daughter, April, had volunteered to watch over the children at play. This had amazed Colli because April had announced early in her youth that she never planned to marry. So far, in her twenty eight years she had kept to her proclamation, but she did love to be around children... other people’s children. April was wearing only light green panties to compliment her red hair, and was standing in the shade of the backyard’s large and old, elm tree when Philip walked up to her side.

“I think you’re real pretty, Aunt April.”

April turned and looked down at the boy. Philip glued his eyes to the matted triangle of red hair that April’s panties were barely concealing at the apex of her legs.

“Can I see your cunt, Aunt April?”

“Yes, but you will have to take my panties down.”

“I’d like that.” Philip reached out and slid a finger under the material at the top of her leg. He then pushed the material aside and looked at the hair, saying, “You are beautiful, Aunt April.” Philip removed his finger and took hold of the waist band at her hips. He slowly pulled April panties down her legs to her feet. April stepped out of the panties and spread her legs. Philip, now kneeling, looked up at April’s cunt. He then slowly reached up between her legs and felt her hair. April reached down, separated her lips, and then guided Philip’s hand to her moistness.

“Your cunt is damp, Aunt April. Did you pee on yourself?”

Stifling a chuckle, April said, “No Phil, I didn’t have an accident. I’m getting wet because my body is telling both of us that it wants to share my love with you.”


“Taste me on your fingers, Phil.”

“You sure it’s not pee?”

“I’m sure. Good ahead, taste me.”

Colli had believed, and taught all of her children to believe, that the juices that flowed into a woman’s cunt when she was sexually aroused were hers alone... Were her very own personal essence. She believed that if the woman was a truly good person, that goodness would be reflected in the wonderful taste of her juices. Of course, the opposite was also true. If the woman was a bad or evil person, her juices would taste foul, sour and awful.

Philip tentatively removed his fingers from April’s cunt and raised them to his lips. He touched a moist finger to his lower lip and then licked the dab of moisture with his tongue. “That’s good!” He jammed the finger into his mouth and sucked April’s juices from it.

“Have you tasted your Mommy’s juice?”

“No, but me and Kenny have watched Mommy and Kenny’s mom—I call her Aunt Martha—lick each other’s cunts. Do they do that ’cause their juices taste so good?”

“Partly because of that, but mostly because it feels so very, very good to women to have our cunts licked. Your Mommy and her friend are sharing their love for each other.”

“Would it make you feel good if I licked your cunt?”

“You have no idea how good that would make me feel.” She gave her clit a quick massage with two fingers.

“All right.” Philip scooted closer to April and leaned his mouth toward her cunt.

“Not here, Phil. Let’s go in and get comfortable. Get my panties.” Philip quickly snagged her panties, and April took him by the hand and led him into the house through the back door. Few paid attention to the now naked April leading the young boy into the house. Philip’s mother, Gwen, also wearing only panties—bright, white panties—was standing at the kitchen sink and washing dishes when they came in.

“Mommy, we’re gonna go upstairs and I’m gonna lick Aunt April’s cunt!”

“Come join us, Sis.”

Steven Michaels entire ‘Colleen’ series of Generational Family Love:

       1: The Voyage                      2: Welcome To America            3: The Marriage  

      4: The Children                    5: The Youngsters                       6: The Teens

      7: The Roaring Years           8: The Challenging Years           9: The Anxious Years

    10: The War Years               11: The Fulfilling Years

Get the Complete 11 Volume ‘Family Love’ Epic in One eBook:

The Complete Collection - Available Now!  

eBook TAGS    Aunt-nephew incest, Family incest, Sister-sister incest, Mother-daughter incest, Lesbian, Mother-son incest, Orgies, Masturbation


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The world is on the edge. Hitler and Japan are on the move. Colli’s Cousin Seth is a general; her husband, Hugh, is preparing his cargo fleet for war; Gwen is fighting to keep her marriage and has left her son, Philip, with Colli. April, Colli’s daughter, nightly shares her love with Phil and with Colli’s granddaughter, Cat. Love and tragedy drive all to share their love with each other. The women regularly scream the pleasure of their climaxes.

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