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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  The 40 Hour Nude Famine

Series:  Book 4 for lovers of 18yo daughters

Author: Lisa Smiles

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lisa Smiles

Language: English

Length:  7,694 Words

ISBN:  LC1100227

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3D Ebook Cover - The 48 Hour Nude Famine - Book 4 - by Lisa Smiles

The 40 Hour Nude Famine


In the way a dad does when he’s about to start tickling I pull her arms away from her body, feeling her shaved armpits with the tips of my fingers.  

“Come on Mol.”

She winces and tries to pull herself free.

“They’re just nipples Molly. All the girls have them.”

“But you’re acting so creepy.”

“Creepy?” I say.

“I never knew you were one of those teachers.”

“What sort of teachers?”

“Those sort. You know.”

“I’m just good at relating to students,” I tell her and manage to get her to relax her arm. Look at that now! Her wonderful swellings!

She says, “You get them excited so they all want you.”

Maybe I do better than I give myself credit? “That’s better than having them all misbehaving.” Her nipples could be drawing oxygen from the air, the skin is so fragile. Now I just have to get her to take Our Secret From Mom from her lap so I can see her pink petals as well.  

“Yes, but you actually do it,” she says. “They told me. You’ve got a reputation. You did it with two girls last year at the pool.”

“Girls make up stories, Molly.”

“Well I’m keeping an eye on you, for mommy,” she tells me.

I pull on her book. “Speaking of which, let’s put this away so I can quiz you.” A hand shoots over her mons. “No!” She isn’t the first girl with whom I have had to be firm. “Molly. Put your hands on your knees. It’s the nude famine. You have to let me look at your privates.”

As her slit comes into view my cock arches upward, wanting to be seven inches long and not six. Sitting cross legged with her inner lips showing I can see what I had suspected, that this youngest daughter of mine really is as bald as the day she was born.

“How do you do that, with razors?”

“I wax it.”

“How come?”

“I like Japanese comics,” she tells me.

Not quite the answer I was suspecting!

“I really got myself and interesting daughter!”

“I guess so. Is this our secret from mommy?” she asks me.

There’s a look in her eye that gives me permission. I can feel it! She’s going to let me. As I did with Olivia I shift onto my stomach with my nose so close I can smell musk and dry pee in her peeled apart cunt lips. I wish she would lean back. From this angle all I’m really seeing is the upper side of her clitoral hood, that I believe is now swelling.

What have I done? I’ve just touched it!

“Once you say it’s a secret, there are really no limits.”

“Yes there are,” she insists.

I’m touching her again and, still, I meet no resistance.

“What are the limits then, Molly?” I ask her.

Though she chokes on the words, I hear: “Only fingers.”

That’s fine by me. Fingers are the perfect things anyway for peeling this hood back and seeing what lies underneath. This is almost a repeat performance from a few minutes ago only Molly is taller and thinner than Olivia the star of school pool sports, and Molly has absolutely no hair. Not a whisker. Unlike Olivia’s, Molly’s clit is still dry, although, as I’m doing this I’m watching equal length strands of clear fluid hang from her minora with curds of cooked egg white...



Every Nude Famine day, right after lunch, girls from 20 nearby schools are transported to the local leisure center for fun in the nude with their teachers. Join Vice Principal Clark in the girls' showers, for a tour of the facilities to watch goings-on, then for a game of musical laps with teachers and girls in the spa bath. He keeps finding relief, just not all he needs with his 18yo daughter.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Barely Legal Girls, daddy daughter erotica, school girls, virgin, teen sex, incest love story, nudism, Family sex


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