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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  The 40 Hour Nude Famine

Series:  Book 2 for lovers of 18yo daughters

Author: Lisa Smiles

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lisa Smiles

Language: English

Length:  6,602 Words

ISBN:  LC1100198

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3D Ebook Cover - The 48 Hour Nude Famine - Book 2 - by Lisa Smiles

The 40 Hour Nude Famine


“That is quite a package,” I tell her. “You’ve got a really nice thigh gap, if you don’t mind me saying.” It’s as though her widening hips took her legs for a walk when they flared and left a broad meadow on which to grow peach fuzz and roses.

One of the challenges of this job is snapping yourself out of it when a girl’s actions or features puts you in a trance. Usually it’s just something simple like the smell of an armpit or the lace on a bra when you’re leaning over them checking their work. Despite the great number I’ve seen I have not been transfixed quite like this in the past by a girl’s pussy when she has shown it to me in this classroom. I dare not ask her to step near me like I did with Harriet with the red hamster. I feel I have been staring quite long enough.

“Next!” It’s Olivia, the peachy skinned belle of school swimming electives. One of our swimming teachers has a conspiracy theory that Olivia doesn’t actually have nipples or a vulva, that if she did he would have seen them because of the skimpiness of some of the bathing suits she has shown up in. After my experience with her today he wants to know if she’s a Barbie doll, as he suspects, with two blank mounds on her chest and another in the V of her legs. If that’s the case, I should check her eyes, he informs me. He says they are cameras and she could be a robot placed in this school by police. The whole theory is an elaborate nonsense that says less about the cut of Olivia’s swimwear than my poor colleague’s obsession. If you’re going to be infatuated with a girl in this job, make sure you’re the forty-hour nude famine supervisor, at least. That’s how I’m dealing with my feelings for Charlotte.

As to my colleague’s obsession, Olivia does have a vulva. I can confirm it. He is right in the sense that it is compact. Lay the narrowest ribbon on the crease where they join and her plump outer lips would look like her groin, it is true.

She’s another one I need to look at more closely to assess her grooming regime.

“What’s going on here Olivia? It looks like you wax.”



Book one took us straight into the bedroom with 19 year old daughter Regina, before we got to know younger daughter Molly and a dozen more schoolgirls. Join us as we continue to undress them, reflect on what effects their bodies can have on our minds and nervous systems, and begin a process Vice Principal Clark has been refining to derive maximum and lasting joy from his students and daughters.

eBook TAGS    school girls, father daughter incest, daddy daughter incest, virgin, school girls teachers, eighteen, barely legal girls


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