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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  The 40 Hour Nude Famine

Series:  Final Book 5 for lovers of 18 yo daughters and schoolgirls

Author: Lisa Smiles

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lisa Smiles

Length:  6,770 Words

ISBN: LC1100253

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3D Ebook Cover - The 40 Hour Nude Famine - Book 5 Series Finale - by Lisa Smiles

The 40 Hour Nude Famine


“You’re on cunt duty,” Mark tells me as I join him at the slide entrance. “I haven’t had my turn yet in their bums.”

Chantelle has escaped John and pushed her way to the slide entry. She’s ready to go down it head first, but not before she has rolled on her side, facing my way, and drawn her upper leg to her chest. The way she’s gritting her teeth and tightening every muscle in her bum and her tummy leaves little doubt these inspections haven’t been gentle—or at least that is what the girls need to convey with the way they receive them.

I’m looking at two girly holes, one with Mark’s finger—he’s one of Chantelle’s teachers, I’m guessing—disappeared to knuckle-two.

That’s it, I suppose. I just have to give her a finger.

I just have to give all these girls lined up behind her a finger. I’m fingering fannies until we rotate at which point, I’ll finger bums. It’s a good thing for their hygiene we’re not rotating in the other direction.

How many knuckles? It would depend, I suppose, on whether the girl is lubricated and dilated from pleasure, but if Mark can get two finger joints up Chantelle’s bum I can surely fit the full length of my finger in a hole that was made for insertion.

Oh, this girl has a slippery smooth love hole, for sure. She’s smiling as I do it. She really does like me! It can’t be hard finding her later on facebook and keeping this connection alive. I’ve done that with girls from Girl’s Grammar before.

“Off you go baby,” Mark says. My finger follows her part way down the slide, nearly taking me with her, but pops out just as she disappears with a whoosh into the blackness and chlorine. Who do we have next? Another cutie with short dark hair and some freckles. Up goes her leg to her chest and in go our fingers, for whatever reason has been decided.

Conversation with Mark takes on a workmanlike tone. I imagine farmers impregnating sheep with syringes talking like this as they spend their work days fossicking for the right hole.

He says, “They’re all quite different, don’t you find?

“Very!” We’ve got a black haired girl with an orange/red cunt and red sphincter. Each time she has passed through before I have admired the beauty spot mole above the left edge of her lip while I wiggled my finger inside her. “It’s not just the color though. This one has got definite ridges inside her canal.” By the way her eyes close I’m sure I’ve located her g-spot.

“I felt her before,” Mark says. “It’s like a washboard in there. When you’re on this side you’ll see, she’s got a loose arse hole. Down you go Mandy. Next up.”

“Are these girls all from your school?”

“Yes, Girls’ Grammar,” he tells me.

“How do you find that?”

“There’s a greater percentage who are very good looking. But if ever you’re caught fooling with one, you’re a dead man.”

“The general rule in the public school system is if they’re over eighteen, you are fine.”

“That’s the difference between the law of the land, and the law as it exists for the rich,” Mark informs me.



Exhausted from all his engagements with schoolgirls Vice Principal Simon Clark joins fellow connoisseurs of youthful delights at the mouth of the water slides, inspecting wet tubes. But with nude famine day degenerating into an orgy, Simon may have to make a hasty departure. On the bright side that will bring forward some special alone time he is looking forward to with his own daughter Molly.

eBook TAGS    daddy daughter erotica, father daughter incest, virgin, Taboo, multiple girls, incest love story, school girls, barely legal girls


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