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Forced Tentacle Erotica Novel

Title:  Tentacles on the Beach

Series:  N/A

Author: Talia Trace

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  A Thompson-Corner Publication

Language: English

Length:  4,778 Words

ISBN:  LC8400004

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3D Ebook Cover - Tentacles on the Beach - by Talia Trace

Tentacles on the Beach


Abbey scooted back so she was leaning against a rock, crossed her ankles, and propped open her book on her lap. Now was an excellent time to catch up on all the reading that she had fallen behind on.

She had just moved her bookmark out of the way when she noticed something behind her feet.

She put down her book, uncrossed her ankles, just in time to see something flicker up above the edge of the rocks, coming from the ocean below. Abbey tilted her head curiously and leaned forward. It was long and spindly, and was dancing for her.

Abbey watched the little tendril toss and turn on the rocks. She couldn't quite place what it was, but it was still fascinating to watch as it twisted and twirled over itself. She let herself sink back down onto the stone and leaned forward to watch it.

It did a little skip, and moved even higher up. Abbey giggled. There was actually something adorable about and the way that it tried so hard to climb up. She reached out a toe and poked its surface.

It was rubbery! Suddenly it hit her. It was a tentacle! From an octopus most likely. She had tried to eat some before, at a high class restaurant with some of her best friends. They laughed and force fed each other the seafood, and gagged at how chewy it was. Apparently an octopus had made its way all the way up to these rocks, and was looking to get a little bit of sun.

The tentacle curled around her big toe. “Hey!” Abbey said, and pulled her foot back. The tentacle slapped back and forth until Abbey moved her foot back.

It slid up her leg, wrapping around her ankle. The rest of it seemed larger than she would have expected, with more heft to it that she would imagine an octopus would have. The part that she could see was about as big around as her wrist. Did they get that big? She self-consciously rubbed her arm, doubting that this was, in fact, an octopus. What was it, then?

It lurched again, and shifted up even higher on her leg, nearly touching her knee. Its skin was cold, and it slowly squeezed her leg, clinging to her as it pulled itself even further up on the rocks.

Another little tentacle appeared along the rocks and waggled at her before moving itself up.

As the tentacle around her leg moved higher, Abbey could see the suckers along its underside, round and flat. The first of them touched her ankle. The tentacle wrapped itself harder around her, and she could feel the suckers cling to her skin, pulling it taut.

Abbey shivered as the tentacle moved higher, its cool skin bringing her body temperature down. The second one hitched itself up and wrapped itself around her other leg.

Together, the two of them slowly pulled her legs apart.



Abbey is vacationing with her friends, looking for a little relaxation and maybe a little action. But sometimes action comes from the strangest places and Abbey is confronted with some tentacles eager to show her how.

eBook TAGS    tentacle monster, double penetration, tentacle erotica, monster sex, bondage


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