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Tentacle Monster Erotica Novel

Title:  Tentacles at the Zoo

Series:  N/A

Author: Talia Trace

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  A Thompson-Corner Publication

Language: English

Length:  6,653 Words

ISBN:  LC4500002

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3D Ebook Cover - Tentacles at the Zoo - by Talia Trace

Tentacles at the Zoo


“Hey!” Tracy muttered and tried to push it away from teasing underneath her bra. Of course, the octopus wouldn't understand her, but she couldn't help herself. “Stop that!” First one tentacle, then another, worked its way under each cup of her bra. Tracy grunted with annoyance, but decided to let it help itself. She didn't know what kind of thing would drive an octopus to want to feel up a human female, but it wasn't like it was doing anything to hurt her. It was just a bit uncomfortable, and she could deal with it for now.

But it was certainly a surprise when it touched her nipples. Tracy flinched when a jolt of pleasure shot through her body as the rubbery skin rubbed itself up against the sensitive little nubs. Once again she tried to push it away, but it was insistent on rubbing itself against her. Tracy tried to squeeze her legs together, but even more of its limbs kept them steadily apart. Thank goodness the water was full of ink and dark as sin! This was definitely something those poor children didn't need to be seeing!

The attention on her nipples increased and Tracy let out an involuntary gasp and moan, and this time she spread her legs wider on her own. She didn't mean to, but it was almost a side effect of the octopus's touch. With each inch that she spread her legs, the tentacles wrapped around them kept them apart. There was a part of her that started to want the octopus to start touching her between her legs as well, but the idea was so lewd and horrifying that she tried to banish it immediately from her mind. But as the octopus continued touching her, rubbing its limbs all over her body and tightening ever-so-slightly, the idea became harder and harder to get rid of. She wouldn't even know what an octopus would do down between her legs; it wasn't like they were equipped for that sort of thing! But it wasn't like they were equipped to molest her chest, either, yet that was exactly what it was doing.



Tracy has been assigned what seemed like a simple job: report on the zoo's new occupant. All geared up with her notebook and camera and savvy journalist skills, Tracy heads on over to the attraction, unaware of what's in store. In front of a crowd, Tracy is dragged underwater and shown what she's been missing her entire life. Afterwards she can't stop thinking about the encounter, and can't stop herself from going back for more.

eBook TAGS    Tentacle Erotica, Octopus Bestiality, Underwater Sex, Hentai Ecchi, Bondage BDSM, Tentacle Monster


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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