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Watersports & Golden Showers Erotica

Title:  Teasing Daddy

Series:  Wet Games At School No.1

Author: Lolly Pope

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lolly Pope at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  13,096 Words

ISBN:  LC4610001

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3D Ebook Cover - Teasing Daddy - Wet Games At School No.1 - by Lolly Pope

Teasing Daddy


My name is Nickolas Rush. My friends call me Nick or Rush. Iím nothing special. Six feet and three inches tall, brown hair, green eyes, nose a little too big. Still, most women say Iím handsome.

One year ago my life went to hell. My wife left me for a woman, taking the kids with her, my boss fired me because he had heard some rumors about me shagging his secretary in his officeís bathroom and to top all that my landlord kicked me out for not paying my rent. For the record, I didnít fucked the bossís secretary. Not that I didnít want to, he was a sexy motherfucker and he knew I had some bisexual tendencies, but because I was aware of the fact that the boss was fucking him and I really liked my job. However, since I was so good in the field, some colleague was very thoughtful and spread some rumors to eliminate the competition.

I was thirty eight years old when I married my second wife, Helen, divorced herself. Nice woman, big breasts, sexy ass, sweet face. She was my age, too and that was good. Donít get me wrong, I liked young girls but most of them werenít wife material. When I met Helen, I had barely managed to get a place to live and a miserable job. I was depressed as hell and hadnít had sex in like three or so months. At that time, no matter how good I looked, sex partners avoided me because of my sour mood. Of course, I used my hand a lot. Helen took pity on me and after the first night and after she saw the real improved me in the morning (amazing what a good hard fucking can do for you!) she never left.

Pretty soon, she managed to get me a position as a history teacher at a school that helped freshly out of juvie kids to catch up on their studies. Yes, youíd be amazed how many they are these days. The job paid real well since most of the brats had rich parents. A few months of working there got me a new apartment close to school, a new car and a better mood. I couldnít say I was overwhelmed with joy, but I was happy.

The only problem was getting along with the kids attending my history class.

It was hot like hell outside and I had the afternoon class. When I entered the aula, most of the brats were sleeping with their heads on the desks. The ones that werenít sleeping, mostly the girls, were sitting with their asses on the tables gossiping, munching gum and popping balloons. I didnít know if they were like that in every class, but in my class they were dressed as little as possible (in spite of the generous donation the school didnít have an uniform), had different hair colors and styles and the majority of them were piggy tails, braided or not. I swept the class twice before leaving my bag on my own desk and ginning at them.



Ava has her eyes set on her stepfather. Since she knows mother allows him to fuck around, she teases him mercilessly, trying to seduce him. Poor step dad has a permanent hard-on in his pants and a sour mood. But then it hits him! He just needs to give his innocent stepdaughter a humiliating lesson while getting himself off in the process.

eBook TAGS    Watersports, Drinking Piss, Golden Showers, Pee in Mouth, Stepdad Daughter Incest, Teasing Daddy Seduction, Revenge Humiliation


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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