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Sapphic Attraction Erotica

Title:  Tattoos

Series: N/A

Author: Dee Dawning

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Dee Dawning

Language: English

Length:  5,802 Words

ISBN:  LC7100021

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3D Ebook Cover - Tattoos - Dee Dawning



"You're so sexy, you make me..." Not completing my thought, I was amazed when Chelsea completed it for me

"Want to kiss you, feel you and make love to you." Turning she brought her delightful breasts right up to my face, but I only blubbered my misfortune.

"Yes, but I'm stuck living with a two-timer I don't love anymore." Sobbing, I hugged Chelsea, and then buried my head in her breasts.

Holding me tight, Chelsea whispered. "Let it out, Mandy. It's not that bad."

Crying on her delicious tits, I instinctively took a nipple into my mouth, sucking gently on what she offered and feeling her stiffen as I calmed.

Running her fingers through my hair, she reassured me, "Now you're getting it, sweetheart, things aren't that bad, are they." Tilting my head up, she let her lips find mine.

For the first time, my tongue danced with a woman's. Lithe and quick, Chelsea's tongue flirted with mine, a difference I found intriguing over the crushing, taking entrance of a man's tongue. Like warm and supple wet satin, her tongue explored my mouth and licked at my lips.



Friday night at Mojo’s, while waiting for her hunky boyfriend, Eddy, to meet her, Mandy confides to her friend, Chelsea, that he never came home the night before. Chelsea, a fixture behind the bar at Mojo’s Bar & Grill in L.A., is in a quandary. She knows something her favorite customer, Amanda Carter, doesn’t–but wishes she did–Eddy has been stepping out on her.

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      Heat Level                            Relative Taboo                            Ending Type

eBook TAGS    Sapphic Attraction, Lesbian Erotica, bisexual, girl lover, lesbo lit, hfn

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