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Family Incest Erotica

Title:  Taboo Family Three

Series:  A Mother's Passion

Author: Houston Cei

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  22,385 Words

ISBN:  LC1600114

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3D Ebook Cover - Taboo Family Three - by Houston Cei

Taboo Family Three


Susie arrived at home a few hours after her parents had viewed the adult DVD. They knew her schedule and had been expecting her at any time and were sitting on the sofa when she entered the family room. Her mother and father both stood up to greet her. When she looked at their smiling faces, she felt that something unusual was in the wind and asked in a jovial manner, “What’s going on? It’s not my birthday.”

“We’re just happy to see you,” Mr. Swan said. “We are very proud of you.”

Susie was certainly aware of their feelings for her, but their demeanor seemed unusually bright. Realizing that their daughter might be apprehensive, he continued, “My dear, we watched one of your movies this afternoon, and your mother and I both enjoyed your performance. The story-line was good and your characterization was fabulous.”

“Okay, you two,” she responded. “I am pleased that you enjoyed the movie but I am certainly surprised. You’ve often expressed approval with my choice of career goals but I didn’t know you would enjoy watching me in action.”

“We did enjoy watching you on camera and we found it very stimulating,” Mrs. Swan said.”

“Mom!” Susie exclaimed. “Did I interrupt anything here? Do you and Dad want to be alone?”

“You did not interrupt anything and we would rather be in your company than be alone,” Mr. Swan answered with a smile. He then moved forward to offer his arms in an embrace and after a few seconds, he drew his head back, looked into his daughter’s eyes and planted a hard kiss on her lips. Susie was uncertain how to respond when his lips first touched hers, but when he tightened his embrace and slid his tongue into her mouth, she had a hunch that that sex was on his mind. Susie then felt the touch of her mother’s big breasts at her back with her arms circling her torso. When her mother’s hands moved upward and underneath the blouse to cup her daughter’s breasts with a gentle squeeze, Susie felt a tingling throughout her vulva. Suddenly, it was more than a hunch; Susie knew that her mother and father were seducing her and that it had probably been planned since watching her video; or maybe, just maybe, it had been on their agenda for some time.

Susie broke the kiss to say, “Well, the way you are both touching me feels damn good but I am surprised. I suppose you both want to take this further, but first, tell me what you liked best about my movie.”

“I’d love to talk about your porn but please don't move. I wanna keep holding you like this while we talk,” Mrs. Swan said. “What really got us going was the scene of the man playing as your father fucking you standing up and the young man playing as your brother had his dick in your ass at the same time. You were wearing only high heels and I suppose that was to make you cunt and asshole level with their dicks. Then, the sexy lady playing as your mother walks in and says, ‘Just what do we have going on her?'"



After a successful career as a stripper, Susie Swan finds that she also has a knack for being a porn actress. Surprised, her parents not only approve and support her endeavors, they also become a part of her love life. When Lucy's sailor boys at sea come home, they find a side of their mother they had never before known. Susie also reunites with her old friends Gina and Michael and introduces her parents to Lucy and her boys.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Mother Son Sex, Family Group Sex, oral & Anal, menage a tois threesome


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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