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Mother Son Incest Erotica

Title:  Suzie's Decision

Series:  Decisions No.3

Author: John E. Jay

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Palliated Woodpecker Press

Language: English

Length:  40,132 Words

ISBN:  LC1000175

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3D Ebook Cover - Suzie's Decision - Decisions No.3  - by John E. Jay

Suzie's Decision


David met Suzie at the front door. She kissed him and started taking his clothes off. He stripped her naked, picked her up and carried her up to his bedroom. They had very good make-up sex even though they didn't have any need to make up. Then they had sex again...and again. An hour and a half later they got out of bed and went down to the kitchen. Marcie looked up and said, “Well, well, well, when I came in and Helen told me David was in his room with a girl, I knew it would be a while before you two came up for air. I guess you finally need a drink and maybe a sandwich. I got a call from Wanda and she told me how to make tuna salad the way you like it, Suzie. I've made a big batch and I'll make us all a sandwiche if you're hungry.

“I've got Arnold Palmer and lots of soda. I think I have A&W Root Beer and I'm sure I have Barg's, it's David's favorite. I don't know what else there is in the fridge in the garage, but it's full of soda and beer. You want a beer? I'll stretch a point for you. I think you deserve a break.”

“A&W is my favorite, but I bet you already knew that. My mom no doubt told you if you didn't already know. She must have told you that tuna salad on dark rye is my absolute favorite food too. Why else would she have told you how to make it the way I like it? I'm beginning to think my mom's not all bad after all. I'm still really pissed at her, but she's making points.”

“Yeah, I'm really sorry about the problem with your mom. I hope you and she can work it out, but I know it'll be difficult. I'll put some food and drink on the table while the two of you pick up your clothes and get dressed before Helen comes back home. She went out again when she came in and saw Suzie's clothes all over the floor. She was disappointed when she realized you were entertaining a girl in your room. She thought you'd want privacy so she went to the library. She'll be back soon and I doubt she's ready for a nude afternoon snack.

“It sounded like things went well in Suzie's family room last night. Before I left it sounded like you were getting along very well. Wanda told me you were at it till three A.M. and then you had two more hot sessions in the living room, bracketing Wanda's regrettable appearance. I'm glad you two finally got together and did it.

“You'll both be a lot more relaxed now and happier. There's nothing like good sex to loosen you up and make you happy. It's too bad that Wanda lost her cool and wound up putting an awfully big cloud over your first time together.”

Suzie looked at David and asked, “Why was Helen disappointed to find you were in your room with a girl? Is there something you'd like to tell me about Helen? Something I should know about your relationship with her? The nature of your relationship with her for example.”

She wore enticing clothes and let him catch glimpses of her underwear because she wanted him to notice her and...!


Susie, a seventeen year old blue-eyed, blond, is in love with Marcie's son David. He's already having an affair with his mom and Helen a teacher at Suzie's high school, but he wants Susie too. Trouble is she wants to be a virgin bride. He's reluctant to wait for her, he wants her now, but mom and Helen think he should wait, so he’s waiting, but he’s totally stressed out.

eBook TAGS    Mother son incest, multiple partners, son breeding mother


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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