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Forced Wife Rape Erotica

Title:  Surprising Brenda

Series:  N/A

Author: Sylvia Redmond

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Night Watch Publishing

Language: English

Length:  5,800 Words

ISBN:  LC3500012

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3D Ebook Cover - Surprising Brenda - by Sylvia Redmond

Surprising Brenda


It had seemed like a good idea at the time. We had talked about having a threesome for a while now. It was really a mutual fantasy we both shared. I knew it would always be exactly that though: a fantasy. Brenda would never go through with such a thing, and I would need to be the one to make it happen.

I was making it happen now, and I was starting to question whether it had been such a good idea. I was turned on, there was no doubt about that. My cock was probably harder than it had ever been in my life. Brenda was blindfolded and would never know what was happening, not until I was ready. But now Jack was taking off his pants and I realized she would know it wasn’t me before I even took the blindfold off.

To say his cock was bigger than mine wouldn’t be doing it justice. His cock was huge. It was something we had never discussed. How often do you ask a friend how big his dick is? We had been talking about how I would get him into bed with my wife, sure. It never occurred to me that he was hung like this, and now it was too late to turn back.

At least she was on her hands and knees, so hopefully that would make it go easier. Plus I had licked her pussy for about fifteen minutes to get her nice and ready before I put the blindfold on. I had the heat in the room turned up and she was practically begging for it. Still, looking at the size of Jack I wasn’t sure how easy this was going to be.

He put himself against her and started rubbing himself up and down. She was pleading with him to put it in. Well, she was really pleading with me, she just didn’t know yet it wasn’t going to be my cock that she was getting. She would know soon enough though, that was sure. As soon as that thing started stretching her open she would know it wasn’t me behind her.

I watched him as he placed the tip against her and started pushing. She was still panting and I could see her tits swinging as her body started moving back and forth. I had never seen her body from this angle before and it thrilled me. So far watching her get fucked by another man had been just as exciting as I thought it would be, and it hadn’t even started.

I didn’t think I was going to be able to take it much longer. Watching him starting to push it into her was driving me crazy. As soon as I got the blindfold off I was going to have my way with her any way I was able to. I wondered if she would be mad at me once she realized it wasn’t me fucking her. My mind went back to the conversations we had about this to see if what I was doing was wildly out of bounds…



Steve and Brenda are a married couple with a healthy sex life. Like any couple, they enjoy their bedroom fantasies, one of which involves bringing another man into the mix. Brenda could never imagine doing it for real, but Steve has other ideas... Steve's best friend Jack is the perfect candidate to join them. Steve has it all planned out so that Brenda won't even know Jack is there until he is ready. But all of Steve's careful planning couldn't have prepared him for the surprise in Jack's pants. Will Brenda know it's not Steve before the blindfold comes off? And is it true what they say about size not making a difference?

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